Free Blogs Cannot Participate–Correct?

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    Just to make sure I am reading this correctly…free blogs cannot participate in WordAds on their blog–correct?

    In order to participate I would have to sign up for a paid domain prior to applying for WordAds?

    If this is true, I am disappointed. I have other free blogs on the Internet where we share ad revenue 50/50 or 60/40. When first starting out, it’s hard to justify spending the money for a paid domain.

    Is WordPress considering offering AdWords to the unpaid blog sites in the future? It is really a win-win for both of us if they do. We both earn revenue. You provide the blog and I provide all the writing and maintenance of the blog. I would be very interested in this type of advertising agreement.


    The blog I need help with is


    Wrong. All bloggers with free hosted blogs on their own domains can apply to be included in WordAds.


    This is the link to all support documentation
    The searchbox there provides results from the support docs and from forum threads.
    Here’s the link for the WordAds site where you will find the FAQs and much more besides.



    My blog is not on my own domain. It is at WordPress. Does this qualify?
    I had clicked on the AdWords apply button and it is asking me to upgrade to a paid domain with WordPress, which led me to believe only paid domains (with WordPress) are eligible to use AdWords.


    That’s correct. The TLD (top level domain) here is and all free hosted blogs are on subdomains.

    A blog must be on it’s own domain in order to apply for WordAds as advertizes require the blog to be on its own domain. That’s done by purchasing a domain mapping upgrade.


    So in order to have advertising on has to purchase a domain of their own via the purchase of an annually renewable domain mapping upgrade and then apply for and be accepted into the WordAds program.



    Thanks for the links, but as far as I can tell from reading those if a person, like myself, has a free (not domain and does not have any custom domains it cannot use AdWords. Below is what comes up when I click on the apply button at your last link.

    Apply for WordAds
    Your publicly visible blog(s): No publicly viewable blogs with custom domains were found.

    Blogs without custom domains:
    Farmboots Article Bucket

    Sign up for a custom domain. To be eligible for this program, your blog needs to have a custom domain.


    That’s correct and I stated that when I posted the first time. Sorry I was not clear.

    All bloggers with free hosted blogs on their own domains can apply to be included in WordAds.



    Ok….thanks for the help and your time. Greatly appreciated. I had never noticed the difference in top level domains as and the subdomains as

    One extra dot just ruins it all….LOL

    Thanks again. I hope this helps clarify it for others wondering the same thing.


    To recap.
    1. All blogs here are free blogs provided by
    2. All free blogs here are free hosted by
    3. Some of those blogs are on their own domains and some are on sub-domains.
    4. All free blogs being free hosted by on their own domains, and not on sub-domains are eligible for application to the WordAds programs.

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