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  1. I know it can be pretty annoying when ppl either;

    a) Visit your blog and don't comment on anything (let alone subscribe if they like it) or

    b) Make completely irrelevant comments about posts you've put all your effort into,

    Well I've created a folder in my Gmail for subscriptions to your blogs and I'll be commenting on at least 1 post from every blogger every week (phew). After all, it's free isn't it?

    Just leave your blog URL below and expect a visit from the crazynigerian soon :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. edwilsonishere

    Here! Here! jollof.

    I also have several curious lurkers on my blog, but no comments. It's okay lurkers I don't bite. It is the worst though when their comments are a. too personal and creepy, b. spam, or c. totally irrelevant.

    I worked so hard on a "bromance" entry and no one's even peeked at it. *cry*

    Thank you for this and hey, I can't argue with free! ^_^

  3. shesboxingclever

    I'm inspired. I'm not really interested in a comment, but I'll read who posts here and leave one behind if I find my attention caught.

  4. Same! I like to frequent the forums and tag pages with new posts. Commenting can be just as thrilling as a post.

  5. Amen to that! I love finding kindred blog spirits--and they are few and far between! : ]

  6. I got the same issue. So many blog hits and not a single comment!
    Here's the link to my blog Hopefully some comments will pour in soon. I got ages to write that blog post as you'll be able to tell when you'll read it.

  7. ^^^ phew, i've enjoyed reading all your blogs. There's so much interesting stuff to read out there and I hope this thread will encourage others to just give 3minutes to appreciate a fellow blogger's work.

    Keep the blog URL's coming...or I'll just click on your username ;)

  8. starcraftadventures

    I don't post that much, work with pages instead. Hey, that means there's less to read!

  9. Hi Jollof, That's one funky idea !
    I hope you enjoy my blog.

  10. ^^ just left it some minutes ago.

    more replies on this thread are welcome if you want a comment on your latest post.

  11. Moderation Notice: This thread has been moved to the showcase forum where blog promotion threads belong.

  12. I don't know any bloggers who pay others to comment on their blog posts so I don't know why you are emphasizing "free comment on your NEXT post".

    When it comes to comments in comparison to hits, page views and unique visitor metrics perhaps you aren't aware of the numbers that the A List bloggers receive. If you want to read what the A Listers experience then read my post and be sure to read what Chris Brogan had to say in his comment on the post. He says: "I realized that I had about 2-5% comments for my audience, and when I did the math on guys like problogger and copyblogger (all who started after me, but had much larger followings), they had closer to .5 – 1%."

    As for me I don't place a high value on comments that commenters make as a way of promoting their own blogs. If I was into "gaming the system" then my self hosted blog would be a "do-follow" blog, rather than a "no-follow" blog. Comments I do value highly are those I receive from targeted readers, who have searched for the exact subject matter I post on and have come to my blog via search engine results, or via recommendations from other bloggers.

  13. edwilsonishere

    Hello there timethief and thank you for the tidbits of advice.

    I believe jollof started this topic mostly in jest, at least that's the way I perceived it. I can't say I speak for him. Still, I think many of us here are already aware that receiving comments isn't what will make our blogs the "must-see blog" and I'm not sure that's what anyone's intentions were. We are just shamelessly self-promoting. ^_^ No laws broken here!

    If you don't place "a high value on comments" there's certainly isn't anything wrong with that, but just realize that maybe perhaps some of us aren't taking ourselves so seriously.

  14. shesboxingclever

    I had the same feelings as Ed. It didn't appear to be promotional at all, nor for any amount of cash involved. I thought it was just a spin on lurkers. Myself, I saw it as another opportunity to find good reads, because I hate using the tag search thing. So, is it staying in the showcase forum now?

  15. invisiblemikey

    I must really be a mutant blogger. I get few hits, and lots of good comments. Maybe it's because I try to write for readers, and big readers are big comment-writers. By that I mean few widgets, no polls, no ratings, easy on the pictures and video (though I do use a few), and as high an idea content as my wittle bwain can conjure up.

    Your message was a clever promotion!

    I'm at

  16. Check out my blog and I'll subscribe to yours!!

  17. shesboxingclever wrote:

    I had the same feelings as Ed. It didn't appear to be promotional at all, nor for any amount of cash involved. I thought it was just a spin on lurkers. Myself, I saw it as another opportunity to find good reads, because I hate using the tag search thing. So, is it staying in the showcase forum now?

    @shesboxingclever The reason why this thread is considered "Blog Promotion Tone" is because the OP is asking for members to stop by and leave their URL so the OP can pick a blog to leave a comment on.anyone's blog that is posted here. This thread is more less a selfless promotion thread for anyone that leaves their URL behind.

    So to answer your 2nd question Yes this thread will remain in the "Show Case Forum"

  18. shesboxingclever

    @ t3ck Yep, I get that, I do see where the promotional idea comes from, it's the fact that anyone who posts here is essentially promoting their blog. Thanks! (I asked simply because I'm lazy and hate clicking back and forth across forums )

  19. I like to browse blogs, but usually I look at the " about" information and read a few posts to see if they are posting information that really interests me, topics that I will enjoy coming back to time and again.

    If not then I won't be posting a comment,, just took a look and passed on by.

    If so, then yes I would make a comment especially if a particular post REALLY catches my eye.

    Then I bookmark it and see what's happening on that blog for a few months ( or more ).. depends on how often they post...

    if I still am really interested then it might get onto my blogroll... or I might just keep popping in on a regular basis from the bookmark.

    For me it's more about the CONTENT being worthy of me coming back and not just getting a " hit spike" of X hits on your blog ( or my blog) on a given day.

    Lots of people out there are " window shopping" on blogs, that's fine, comments are only the tiny bonus that you didn't count on getting ( or shouldn't count on getting)

    If you keep 'em happy they will come back.. simple as that, yes?

    Have fun blogging... if anyone hitches along for the ride , then that's bonus :)

  20. I commend your effort in trying to get people to comment on your post... I too have been trying to "collect" comments. I even posted on my facebook but people ended up commenting at facebook instead of on the post...

    In the end I dialed down my comment-collecting hobby and kept writing. People will eventually comment on what they like. So don't worry about it.

    Getook - stephen

  21. That's very helpful of you. I'm not even sure to post mine because I've only done it seconds ago.

    Oh why not.

  22. wow, i've got quite a few blogs to catch up on. Thanks for the comments Ed & Shesboxin. Glad the thread is making some sense.

    @ Getook - I had the same problem with Facebook so my solution was to post just a few lines of my article there (a decent cliffhanger) and then include a link that would direct them to my blog - the results are amazing!

  23. gethealthywithme

    Please have a look at mine, I am just starting out and will
    start adding pictures and other details!!


  25. Loolou, you need to get you hand off the CAPS button, when I saw ALL YOUR POSTS USE ALL CAPS, I clicked away in a second. Do you also scream like that in real life? ;)

  26. shesboxingclever

    Here we are, lost in the shuffle. Off to click some links.

  27. Lurkers are annoying (not that we're entitled to comments or anything) still in all with all that there is online between what we all "do, see, like, love, dislike and have experienced, found, miss, care and want to share..etc".... I find it hard to not be able to say a few words regarding a post. I do read them and comment when I have, but thats just me....there's alot that interests me maybe thats why its not an issue for me to do. After all it does'nt cost a dime to read a few lines on somebodies blog and state your opinion about it...simple as 1-2-3

  28. Unless it's not worth reading, then it's just a waste of time.

  29. shesboxingclever

    Or, (for example when I clicked starsquid) not having anything worthy of the posts to say....not to say starsquid's posts aren't relevant to some, it's just that I personally didn't have anything relevant to say, therefore I didn't say anything at all. Sorry starsquid!
    When people comment on my blog I like to see them contribute with their own experiences rather than just a "nice post" comment, so I feel awkward doing it to others.

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