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  1. also I'de like to add a point I mistakenly left out, when we write and nobody seems to not comment it almost discourages us from future postings...I certainlly feel that way at will make me feel as if I put out some crap that nobody wanted to read...however maybe they have'nt gotten to it just yet or even if they did'nt want to comment thats cool too, but comments let us know a person actually read what we posted, perhaps they liked it and perhaps they will return...kind of helps us figure what is hot right now....i`ve found some geniune blogs and posts on here also geniune comments have been left on our blog ...I leave the same on others as well

    thats just my 0.2 cents on that matter

  2. @shesboxingclever
    That's the whole thing, I think it's kinda pointless to have random people randomly writing comments on other peoples blogs (not that Im against it or anything), but some people just do it for the sake of getting comments instead of actually being interested in the post. That's why I think thisa thread is imo kinda pointless. And don't be sorry, cus definitely no offense was taken, actually I'm glad you pointed it out, because its just what you said, it was not something you we're interested in, why would you then comment on it, right? :)

    I agree partially, yes comments do add to ssatisfaction, but if nobody comments it means its just not interesting, you outta write something better then, plain and simple. On the other hand, if it's all random comments like the purpose of this thread and one is advertising his/her own blog uber overkill on forums just to attract random hits and comment, aren't you then fooling yourself? You might as well write the comments yourself then. Ofcourse it also depends what one is blogging about, I guess the randomness would suit your blog better than mine, since yours is about, well...swagg talk. And another thing, posts don't depend on (or need) comments, if you write great posts, it WILL get read. Attracting random readers enticing them to leave randoms comments is fooling yourself think you wrote a good post.
    btw, not specifically targeted at you (except for the swagg talk mention), I'm just saying.

  3. It is about whas being written like the old saying goes "different strokes for different folks", you have so many different types of writers some for fun, some to experss themselves after a hard days wokr or what have and then all the other have just as many types of bloggers as you have websites in cyberspace and thats alot. I myself will comment on certain things just because its not going to kill me not to menton I may be able to offer them a peece of advice or info on what they are speaking about.

    Cant count how many blogs ive seen recenlly and was like "wow thats cool or funny" or "ive done that or feel that way too" so it greatly varies, I dont get the "niche" thing in particularlly finding those in your niche does that mean only tose blogs that are in that niche should be of interest to us? No not at all thats why our little blog is not based on soley one thing...I like to think of it as a small coffee house or favorite cafe where everybodu can come read, write, comment about "whatever" Our blog is just a cool place and hopefully we can keep it that way who does'nt like that neigborhood cafe where everybody knows your name

    Ours is not solely to gain comments thats for sure, there are more than a few we have commented on and they have not even so much as viewed ours, yet and still we continue to comment on thiers weeks and months later...simply because we liked something that they wrote on it. ;)

  4. Yes there are different types of blogs, different styles and different purposes, I agree. And Im not saying that it kills one should he/she comment on blogs unrelated to them, the point was why some are so desperate and screaming for comments/attention even if it means getting them from people just for the sake of getting a comment. Regardless if it was genuinely meant or not. And saying things like "Our blog is just a cool place and hopefully we can keep it that way who does'nt like that neigborhood cafe where everybody knows your name" is the same as saying "PLEASE visit my blog and leave a COMMENT, ANY COMMENT", at least the cool neighborhood cafe has great coffee.

    About niche blogging, now I aint saying everybody should niche blog, everybody's entitled to blog about whatever they want, and no, there are no such rules that you can only find ones in your same niche then, it just takes away the randomness and becomes a more specific type of blogging (which ofcourse eveybody with interest AND no interest is entitled to comment on, though that's kinda pointless). But some see blogging as a more deluxe version of MySpace (hint), and that's cool too ;)

    btw, did you write that broken on purpose?

  5. I missed this and there you said it:

    I like to think of it as a small coffee house or favorite cafe where everybodu can come read, write, comment about「"whatever"」.

    Sums up the whole desperately-trying-to-get-ANY-comment point.

  6. lol your funny starsquid

    ill have to agree to disagree with you on the "PLEASE visit my blog and leave a COMMENT, ANY COMMENT" or the desperately-trying-to-get-ANY-comment point. Mind you many blogs here have ask people to visit or might be seeking comments, I feel its more so out of just wanting to get thir blogs out there im not sure though...cant really speak for the next person...and yes ANY comment is welcomed to our little itsy bisty teeny coffee house houses espcially the smaller ones might not have the best coffee all the time, but nothing beats their great customers ;) I am suprise anybody really cares what purpose somebodies blog or reason for posting in the forums (especially in the showcase section thats designed for US all to plug it here to drum up attention to it) regardless of coments or who's writig about they all get seen by somebody and thats what its all about your thoughts and opinions are heard no matter if somebody does comments on them or not. I for one nor have they others who are on our panel have "begged for attention" with posts or comments...not that anybody cause just wanted to clarify that :) Ipersonally dont feel anybodies choosen style of posting should be questioned, but hey thats just me.

    Nope I did'nt write that broken on purpose it was a type o (it keeps happening sorry)

  7. urgh not again, my bad pardon my error yet once more it would appear i've used the wrong punctuation mark when that happens

  8. Well you can agree or disagree, it's your choice, and you say a lot of others also do that, though you don't seem to mind following them since yours is the 'cool' neighborhood coffehouse where everybody can comment 'whatever'. Im not saying it's not allowed or anything, I mean who am I to say that. And yes there are people who use the Showcase forum to plug their blog, that's what it is for if done thoughtfully, not spamfully. Anyways, we're not really on the same page, so it's all good.

    Sorry for asking, have you noticed your messages get more and more messed up as we go on? You've been smoking weed or sumthing?

  9. That was a rather rude question to ask sir, no for the record I dont smoke anything not even ciggies, however i`m trying to multi task, cook and answer my phone all at the same time + my pc is giving me drama so maybe thats what it is *shrugs* no problem for asking though, started to ask you were you apart of the WP staff..since noticing that you are following people around asking what their blogs are about and critiquing their reasons for posting "whereever"...then I looked at your name, but did'nt see that you were a staff member, its all good though maybe you should join the WP team :)

    thanks for your thoughts all the same, i`ll take them under advisement

  10. shesboxingclever

    I agree, I think Jollof's intention when he first started the thread was to post relevant comments on random posts, which "knowing" Jollof, means he would give an intelligent response completely related to the topic. More as an act of encouragment, I think, to those who post without receiving much relevant input in return. I'm so glad you understood me starsquid, I was worried that it was going to come off sounding offensive.

  11. hehe, cus it got progressively worse, i thought...maybe... heh
    And no I aint following ppl around asking what their blog is about, in fact I only did that about 3 or 4 times in all, and asking what blogs are about is allowed. But I do admit that I do criticize when it gets spammy. And no Im not WP staff, and its great that you take the advice.

    Well I think it was kinda expected, it was with good intention and he seemed genuinely wanting to read other peoples blogs and give his comment, then a horde of (sorry for the description) freebie any-comment-horny-flies came and I'm rolling my eyes. And I say again, nothing wrong with that, just my thoughts. And I totally understood where you were coming from, thats why I was glad you pointed it out. It wasnt rude, just honest :)

  12. hey guys! maybe i'm just one of some of you in the aspect of what this topic is originally about. i've already tried clicking on the links and blog-hopping along the way on this thread.

    just wants to say that indeed it just feels good to know that someone is actually out there and makes himself known (or his presence) by actually commenting.. ( i hope i didn't spoil your thread of discussions here) i didn't follow the thread anymore.

    happy blogging to us all:)

  13. I'd love that. I am always wondering if people are actually reading, or if they just happen to stumble upon my blog and immediately navigate away.


  14. Wow a lot of blogs to post on but interesting topic nonetheless. Here's mine: Yesterday I added social media links, connect with me on other platofrms!

  15. Lot's of interesting blogs out there. It's great so many people spend their time writing, reading and surfing. I started my blog two days ago, so if more people read and commented on things it would be great.


  16. Hi, It's 11.36pm in Bournemouth, England. I have enjoyed reading these posts, I like to comment on peoples blogs because it makes peoples blogs come alive, otherwise it's like talking to yourself.

    Anythings better than wathcing the TV.

    I have two blogs


    I like to find out what people think, it gives me ideas, things that I would not have thought about.

    I think I might start another blog, a me blog, though that might turn out to be just another political rant blog.

  17. IMHO, (and i believe this has already been pointed out somewhere in this thread :))the fact that a person went about and started a blog, even if to some the content is "not interesting" is already an expression of that person of what he or she is. And for that person, that defines what "interesting" is.

    So it really is worth a smile every time a blogger receives a comment, regardless of what motivated that comment (unless it's a 'prank'). After all, making "global acquaintances" or even friends is just another of those great things that our world has now. Thanks to the internet and the people! amen hahaha

    as for me, i love blog hopping. thanks to those who drop by my blog. i promise that i'd drop by yours too.

    blessings everyone!

    im no miss

  18. Sports Blogger here,


  19. A typical blog about... thoughts and things in life!

  20. stickyfingersjosh

  21. themoviereport

    My url is below. I agree to the frustration one feels when people don't comment or leave irrelevant remarks (that I normally just send to trash or spam), but if a post interests me, I normally try and leave a few words. Good thread here. Look forward to seeing you soon.

  22. Hey guys!
    Politics and Hos:
    A Skeptical, Critical, and Humorous Look at Modern Politics and Society. Oh, and Hos too.
    Actually I lied about the hos part, i just thought it'd make the title more exciting. :P
    I'm going to add more content ASAP, as well as customize the design a little soon.
    I've enjoyed looking through everyone else's blogs, I will certainly comment if I have something worthwhile to say, I hope you will all do the same! Would anyone be interested in adding me to their blogroll if I do the same?

  23. I find it most annoying to find people looking at my blog, but then no comments. Do they run away scared (or bored more likely).

    How generous of you to take time from your busy schedule to look at the work of others.


  24. Great idea! I've only got one post so easy reading for you :) plenty more to come though... Are you exhausted from all the commenting yet? Haha

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