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  1. I have bought the CSS upgrade for Is there a site with good quality CSS Themes that I can put on my site? There are plenty of sites out there for but I have only found one of the .com version and it was just okay. Here is my site so you can check out the one "good" theme I could find:

  2. Did you read the FAQ on CSS?

    Does the CSS upgrade let me upload my own theme?
    Not exactly. You can use the CSS upgrade with a “Skin” for the Sandbox theme, since these are normally CSS stylesheets.
    You can’t upload themes made of PHP or HTML files (which means most WordPress themes). This is for security and compatibility reasons. The only exceptions are for VIP hosting customers.
  3. This is the only place I know of:

  4. rosclarke - Thanks, that's interesting. The sandbox theme is the only theme that you can fully redesign in, and some of the designs on that site are really awesome.

  5. Still, I have seen some really cool looking designs and they just don't work with the .com version. Ugh! It would be okay if there were plenty of skins or whatever I need in order to make my site look better.

  6. rosclarke thanks for the link. I have a question though: Why did the design that got first place get first place. The design does not look all that great. Am I missing something?

  7. No, designers generally don't produce skins for If you're not happy, then you have two choices: learn CSS and make your own design (this is what I did), or start up a self-hosted blog.

  8. Oh, I missed your other comment. I agree that the winning design wasn't the best in terms of looks. I think the coding was simpler and the functionality better. There are links to some of the judges' comments on the blog.

  9. There are several threads here in the forum and in Off Topic on skins for CSS here at, so do a search for "Sandbox" and you should find them.

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