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    I have my own host, a paid web hotel, and I am installing blogging software there. Question: Can I somehow use a domain name on that host? I guess it does not make sense to do like that. If it is not possible, is there any other way to get a free domain name that look decent and use it on my host.



    AFAIK, that’s not possible.

    You’ll have to Google for free domain names. I know I’ve seen at least one place that does that. But I didn’t bookmark it.



    If you buy the domain name upgrade, it is possible to redirect from to your new domain. Other people do it.



    But if he does that Eng then there’s no point in him having hosting and installing the software? Or am I missing something?



    Did I misread it.

    I thought he wanted to have a hosted version point to a blog.



    Thanks. I think, katm got it right.
    1. I have a paid web hotel. 1 Gbyte size, free bandwith. Since some month I have a site there with a paid domain name. It takes less then 1% of the Gbyte.
    2. I am using some general software like Macromedia for building that site, but it is just too technical. Still I want the flexibility of some general webbuilding sofware. And seems to be offering that. That is my hope.
    3. I want to put something more in the hotel. I know about blogging and I would like to try it out with software. Maybe I will even use it for general websites also. So I downloaded from the latest software and uploaded it. The hotel server people says it will work fine in the hotel.
    4. Now I am thinking that I want to put many blogs and sites in that 1Gbyte hotel. But I don’t want to pay for more domain names. And my choosen paid domain name is too specific, so I can not really use it for anything else.
    5. Then I thought I could create a domain name and use that in my hotel. But I understand from katm; that is not possible.
    6. Then I took katm advice to google for free domain and came up with
    It looks little strange but is short indeed. They have a small banner on the front page of your site that I can live with. It links to
    At there is a few year history of the service.
    7. How do I now decide how dependable this redirection company is?
    8. Further questions: What does it mean that full DNS is not fully developed? I have full DNS on my web hotel, does that help me? I want to use alias redirecting.
    9. I have seen some of these redirecting on different web sites, but strangely enough the hidden web address shows up when you move the mouse over one of the links of a page. Why then so much fuzz about that it is a “alias redirecting” service if you still can find out the hidden address. Did I missunderstand it.
    10. All these questions does not really belong here, i guess. But I just developed faith in you guys at wordpress some time ago.



    They have rule at about the TARGET URL that says
    No websites that already have a domain name
    What is that? All web sites have a domain name, or? Probably they mean a normal payed domain name. But why?



    Actually cornell is right. If you pick up the domain mapping upgrade here, have the blog use the domain URL as the primary, and then move the site elsewhere while changing the nameservers, you can get the subdomain to point to your domain URL hosted elsewhere.

    Do note though that 1) You can not delete your blog here and 2) it appears the choice of primary switches back on occasion.

    It’s not free though. You’re going to have to pay the $10 per blog per year for the domain mapping.

    Here’s the problem though. is *NOT* a domain name service as you’re thinking it is. It is a redirection service. You have to point it as another domain URL. You can’t just assign nameservers and run it as a site. Take a look at the site. They talk about URL redirection. That’s something entirely different then using they service as a free domain.

    You can use their service to do something like point to myhoster.tld/~username. Do note that search engines and the like are still going to see the myhoster.tld/~username url and your visitors will see is as such as well.


    edit: Note that they also mention URL cloaking. That means they’re going to put your site within a frame. That’s not good for search engine spiders or visitors as they will only see the single url and not the individual web pages within your site.

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