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Free domain - please!

  1. I welcome, my blog is I bought domain recently but I am from Poland and I have the account on none PayPal etc. I am underage and isn't it possible to have domain in for free? Very much I ask for it. I am greeting

  2. It is not possible to host your domain and do the domain mapping free of charge. It costs $10 per year for domain mapping at and paypal is the only means of payment provided

    I understand that Blogger now does domain mapping free of charge.

  3. Domain for free. Get outta here !

  4. LOL ... no that's not a domain for free.
    It's domain mapping for free - courtesy of Blogger. ;)

  5. I meant the OP :)

  6. o.O

  7. duplicate deleted

  8. Ok, I thank for answer.

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