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Free icon set with RSS, Mail, etc....

  1. I found this great set of icons if anyone is to download...check out my site...I have two in the bottom right...

  2. What site did you find it from providing the URL to the Icon site
    would been helpful. :)

    BTW Nice Icons you have chosen.

  3. And where is the icon set?

  4. yeah the name of the site would be great, I'm want to replace my current feed icon

  5. I have a tip for you also Since you use twitter

    There is a Firefox extension for so you make long
    URLs short for your twitter posts.

    Developer Site for the Firefox extension
    You'll find the Download link at the bottom of
    the post.

    You can find the download link at the bottom this

    Article explaining about the extension.

  6. @Vivian,
    On the side bar

  7. crap, that site has a whole bunch of RSS sets to choose from, now I can't decide which one I want to use. I hate being indecisive.

  8. I also found a heart shape social bookmark icons. :)

  9. Oh, Also there is a heart shape RSS feed with that set also. ;-)

  10. Teck, heart shaped is too girly for my type of blog LOL

  11. @aw1923
    I like what you have done with the site so far
    I like the look around the search bar. I also
    like The RSS icon in the header.

    Teck, heart shaped is too girly for my type of blog LOL

    And PINK isn't. LOL

  12. Thanks, I have to get about to changing the shade of pink in the header so that it matches more with the pink on my blog. And you know I just didn't want to go all cliche and have a giant pink heart on an already pink blog LOL. I'm going to e-mail you eventually today, I found this weird site like alphainventions that freaks me out.

  13. @teck - I meant the link to the icon set, which I see now has been provided. I saw the ones in the sidebar.

  14. What did everyone think about the link of free icons...just be careful, sometimes you have to link the designer...the one I link at top has no restrictions...Hope it helped....

  15. Thanks teck07 for the above....

  16. How the heck does anyone add icons? I have a set of my own and the "text" widget will not accept their html code to save my life. Very frustrated!

  17. Do you have a blog here at wordpress.COM? The site linked in your user name is not hosted here. If you do have a blog here, it would be useful to volunteers in the forums if your nickname linked to your wordpress.COM blog.

    Assuming that you are hosted here, have you a)uploaded the icons to your blog, and b) followed the instructions in the FAQ on writing links including images?

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