Free layouts can’t be used?

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    I’ve spent all day looking up free WordPress templates for my new blogs (I’d fixed up the others a couple of months ago) but now whenever I go in to edit the CSS, it says I can do it but unless I pay no one else’ll be able to see any changes. But I’ve done it before. Am I in the wrong section or do we now have to pay (but didn’t have to a couple of months ago?). How long have we needed to pay to use this?

    Am I confusing myself or can we only use the few listed on wordpress? :)



    You need to give us a link to your blog for us to be able to help you.

    WordPress.COM blogs can’t have their CSS edited without the paid upgrade. Independent WordPress blogs can use those templates at no additional charge. It has ALWAYS been this way, at least in the two years plus that I’ve been here and everything of which I’ve heard.

    Read this, from staff:


    Hmmm…well it was a while ago that I had used a free layout but not 2 years. The blog isn’t actually up yet because it doesn’t have a layout and I didn’t want to add content until it looked the way I wanted.

    Last time I’d done it, I’d copied a heap of text from notepad (from the downloaded file) and pasted it in a textbox but the only one I can find is the CSS.

    A tutorial online told me to click on Presentation, but there’s no Presentation link?

    How would I get an independent wordpress blog?

    Thanks :).


    Okay, I just saw the link and read it (don’t ask me how I missed it first off). I’ll give that a go.

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