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Free-riders and related links

  1. In the Extras section of Appearance, one check-box reads:

    "Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way."

    Yet, when I check the clicked links in my blog stats, I have seen entries at other blogs that -- when I visit -- have no "related blogs" at the bottom. When I check my own heavy-traffic blog from that day, however, the free-rider's link is still there, indicating that the related links status had not been changed since it registered in my stats.

    While not a functional problem, it certainly is unfair to those of us willing to allow links in our own blogs. Is this a glitch with the related links code?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your best bet is to contact staff directly with this matter »

  3. Related links don't appear on all posts on blogs that use them, so don't judge them that way.


    Mainstream media sites are included in the system and don't show any Related Links. VIP blogs on, the same. This is exactly why I don't use Related Links on my blogs. It's no glitch; it's policy.

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