Free Theme, Menu Bar Color Has Changed, Can't Revert!

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    I’m using the free version of the Twenty Eleven Theme and when I checked my blog today, I saw that the menu bar had its color changed. (From Black to Beige). Since I’m using the free version, it’s not possible for me to play with color customization parameters in the CSS files etc. and I’ve tried reverting it via the “Customize” tab but it was of no avail. It just keeps staying Beige whatever I do.

    Can anybody help me with this please?

    The blog I need help with is


    the same happened to me the title in header and the colors of cathegories: from black to red.

    This is my blog



    @omercf, I checked just now and the menu bar background looks black to me. Did you do something to fix it or are you still having trouble?


    @caliciefornelli, I checked and I see you’re using a different theme (Expound).

    I do see that the site title, the post title hover color, and the links in the sidebar are red, but I don’t see a corresponding setting for that in your settings.

    I’m nots sure what’s causing that in your case yet!! I’m working to try to figure it out though. To clarify, are you expecting the site title and sidebar headings to be black but the link color and post title hover color should still be red?


    The link colour was purple before (i think i dont remember) and the other things were black.

    I tried to change the title colour, in my settings it’s black, but then in the blog is still red.

    I don’t know what to do! Thanks for your help


    @omercf, I figured out how you fixed the colors:

    That was helpful! Thank you for posting it.

    @caliciefornelli, I’m still working on the color change you reported. I’ll reply back here as soon as I have an update or if I can isolate the problem as a separate issue.


    Hi, now the title is black again and the links are blue.
    Did you change it or what happened?

    Thanks anyway



    I had opened another thread for this issue so I wasn’t checking here ; I just saw these posts.

    Thanks for the replies, I’ve managed to fix this problem. Here you can read how, as designsimply mentioned above:



    Hi, now the title is black again and the links are blue.
    Did you change it or what happened?

    We did make an update! I wasn’t sure it would fix your issue, but it looks as though it did. Great!

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