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    Is there a location to request themes for free users? I’m looking for a photography portfolio type theme w/ either a thumbnail front page set-up like a gallery or some really big photo post spaces. I’ve seen the duotone and monotone themes and I like the big post size for photos but I’m not crazy about the changing bg colors or widget layout. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    There are currently no themes that provide a “thumbnail front page setup” but you can create that yourself. This article will be helpful as it lays out the maximum displayed image width on pages and posts for all the free themes available to us.
    You can view themes and live demo them here > In addition there is a searchbox you can use to screen for features.

    Have you seen Hemingway? It’s a staggered-column theme that display only excerpts from two posts on the front and a customizable footer.



    This is the kind of theme I am looking for/hoping for: maybe it could be passed along as a free theme future suggestion? Thank you!



    Hello again,
    The demo site for The High Art theme here >
    Staff will reply to you in this thread when they can.


    @faireunvoeu The High Art theme is beautiful. Thanks for the suggestion.



    I am using the High Art theme and would like images (thumbnails) to show up in the user searches (and recent posts) like it does in the above site ( Do you know if that is a plugin? I read about thumbnail posts but cannot figure out how to activate.



    @bpmark: This is not a thread for troubleshooting regarding the High Art theme. It’s merely a suggestion from someone to add High Art to the selection of themes at

    If you already use the High Art theme, it means you have a self-hosted WordPress blog and are in the wrong forum. Please ask your question at

    You are currently in a forum for blogs hosted by and our answers will not apply to your situation. Thanks and I hope you find a solution to your problem soon.

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