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    We have free themes for wordpress in:
    [link redacted by slik]

    You can download and use it free. Hope you like it!



    No, you can’t; not if you have a blog here at



    yep u can’t


    NO, you can’t. Not at wordpress.COM.

    You need to read this: .


    Oops, sorry zackyzy, I saw “can” instead of “can’t.”

    My bad.



    I deleted the link so new comers don’t get confused and also to discourage link promotion which is not allowed here in the themes forum


    How can I change my theme with a downloaded one? Please help me Sirs..


    We cannot add themes at wordpress.COM, we are limited to the themes found in the dashboard under appearance > themes. Themes found on the internet are for self-hosted wordpress blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG.



    TSP, nobody reads these things, you know. Nobody reads all this typing we do.


    It’s sad, isn’t it?

    All I get I guess is typing practice although I’ve gotten somewhat lazy and have a copy/paste file with the bulk of the answer there.

    Command C
    Commend V
    Hit back button because wordpress things I type too fast
    Wait 15 seconds
    Submit again
    Take a sip of Merlot

    Rinse and repeat.



    TSP – so that explains why I always get beaten in the speed typing.

    People also don’t bother to look at the support doc’s – many of the answers are on the opening page – don’t even need to use the search function, they can’t use the search, classic the other day – answer was in a thread that had been posted maybe an hour earlier – could not bother to read the other threads.

    All I can do to not call some people idiots – or say “read the f*****g instructions” – I am beginning to think that there is a group of people that should never be allowed around a mouse let alone a web site – makes it so easy that any idiot can get a blog – like the old adage “make something easy enough that even an idiot will use it and only idiots will use it”

    I used to do field service work – I literally had a service call because they could not turn the computer on – you know the big red switch on the side! Another time I had to fly to Alaska and change a set point on a weigh machine 1 gram – the same thing I told them over the phone the night before – the problem – the QA Mgr. was sleeping with the plant Mgr. and the production people were not talking to either one.

    When I answer a question by giving someone a link to a support page that took all of 1 minute to find I am tempted to leave a note “took me all of 1 minute with the search to find this”

    All anyone needs to do is watch the forum for a day or so and most of the common questions will go by at least twice.

    Oh well – thanks for all the help –



    Well, enjoy the Merlot anyway. :-)

    For what it’s worth I’ve learned a lot from you regulars, and from the support pages. You’ve all helped me, if not stop being an idiot entirely, at least to be less of an idiot. It’s appreciated, it really is!


    Well, you are welcome, and no one is an idiot, we are all always learning. There are some though that need to learn to read the threads they post in since most times what they are asking has already been answered, sometimes directly above their post.

    Oh well. :-)



    Well, some people ARE idiots, but you’re not.

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