Free version of Traction theme?

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    I was wondering if it is possible to get a version of the Traction theme for free users as well, as this theme is a really nice one from the preview I got, but unfortunately am unable to buy it. So may be a free version with some limitations of course could be made available to the free users as well?


    I sort of doubt they will do that as one of the main reasons they are adding the premium themes is to make some $ to keep this service up and running. There would probably be a good portion of people that would then use the free version instead of buying the premium version of the theme. They would be shooting themselves in the foot.



    Well thats why I thought may be could have just a basic one for the looks only, and additional materials still available for premium only, but like you said they are more interested in the money so far, but may be they could for once look upon the free users to get some better themes as well to use compared to the available ones which are not that special so far.


    ritesh2103, we probably won’t be launching a free version of Traction but we will be launching more and more free themes. Lots of them. If you have some suggestions for more themes we’d like to hear them. Were you looking for more magazine-style themes?



    @TSP: Don’t say things like this “to keep this service up and running” – you scare me!!! I don’t want to have to move to somewhere else!!!



    @themeshaper: indeed, am currently on the Fusion theme, nice one but want to change to something more beautiful after it, and the colors and layout of the Traction theme appealed me the most, but its for premium only, and am free user.
    May be a theme with the same template as Traction, but with a custom header or slideshow of most recent post pics, and not displaying the post categories by default in the header…

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