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    Ok I have a free account with 2 blogs on it that I use with art students. Blog 1 which is active right now is full storage space wise. But the “class” is almost over. So when I upgrade to another 3 GB of space will that transfer over to blog 2, which I am starting a class with next week.

    Or does that just get me 3 GB in Blog 1 only?

    I assume once I’m fully done with Blog 1 and I delete it the monthly charge will stop?

    Thanks for your help,


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Susan –

    The storage increase would only be applied to 1 of your blogs.

    The charge is actually a once per year payment that we collect. You’ll pay for a year up front. You would have to cancel that before you’d be able to delete the blog.

    These are also refundable for 30 days after the purchase too. If you decide it’s not working we will be happy to give you the money back.

    Blog deletion isn’t always the best option. You may consider just hiding it from the internet so you don’t lose the address or access to it for the future. Do you have plans to use the site again?

    Write back with more questions.



    Oh boy, we paid and now I’m wondering if the WordPress blog is going to work for us. We don’t mind paying a small fee but we DO NOT want to pay it yearly.

    Let me explain how we use the blog. We use them with art students to post their work and make comments on it. However, once the class is over, we always delete the blogs. We do that because if we leave them open, people keep posting, asking questions, and so forth after the class is over and they all get pissed when we don’t answer. Regardless of how many times we tell them that the class is only 6 lessons.

    So we’ve found that it’s easier to delete the blog entirely once the class is done.

    We didn’t really realize when we started with that there was a size limit. We have used Blogger for years to do this but, people with tablets had nothing but trouble with Blogger and they don’t have that problem with WordPress, so we switched.

    This particular class is on the very last lesson when we ran out of space. So we paid the $4. and in 1 month we will delete the blog. So will our yearly payments stop?

    Also, the next class that starts this week has 10 Lessons so we will need to pay for that one too and again once the class is done we will want to delete the blog and stop the payments.

    So how do I go about doing this?

    Thank you for your help.


    So we paid the $4. and in 1 month we will delete the blog. So will our yearly payments stop?

    What is the address of the site in question? You can’t make monthly payments here at Upgrades need to be paid for annually in advance. There is a 30 day refund window (but only 48 hours in the case of domains).
    Perhaps free plans would work for you if images were optimized before uploading them.



    This is/was a free WordPress plan at (I said that above I think). Many of these people in the classes are older and not very tech savvy, many don’t know how to optimize their photos which I’m sure is a big part of the problem.

    So I think you get 3 GB of space with a free blog and because they didn’t optimize we went over that before the class was over. It stopped allowing them to post yesterday.

    So I went into the dashboard and clicked Plans and upped our plan from Free to a “personal plan” which gives us another 3GB (so 6 GB) and it says: pay monthly, annually or every 2 years.

    So I’m hoping there is an easy way to cancel when we are done with the blog and an easy was to delete. It also says we get free email and live chat and I would have asked there but I don’t see how to get it!




    I can assure you there’s no way to pay monthly. The personal plan says:

    $4/month, billed annually or every two years

    You should probably check your bank account history, as you’ve most likely paid $48. You can request a refund within the first 30 days – after that time, you won’t receive any money back if you decide to close your account.



    Since you’ve already upgraded to a paid plan, you can start a support chat here:



    Hi @vacapecod, can you log in as jdaviesonline? You’ll have access to support and chat at that point, as well as to the receipt with the billing details.

    We only bill annually or every two years, so a full year has been paid. We do not do prorated refunds, but we can refund everything if the upgrade owner requests that within 30 days of purchase.

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