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FreeDNS affraid

  1. Hi,

    I manage some sites using DNS.
    Will validation of the domain work having it on that DNS?
    Which IPs do I have to set forwarding to?

  2. thistimethisspace

    I'm not sure how this relates to blogs. Can you provide more specifics please.

  3. Won't work I'm afraid. You have to make the nameservers be authotative (how ever you spell it) for the domain in question and that means using the DNS here at

    Only think you can do is have the domain in question act as a CNAME for your url and have it redirect. You're still going to have to pay the ten bucks for the domain mapping though.

    Either that or just point your url to your url.

  4. Thank you Mike.

    Then I will put my blog on my own...

    Thanks again!

  5. Not a problem. Good luck to you. :)

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