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    I am not going to use one of the three names I have for blogs. Is it possible to somehow “release” the name so someone else can use it? Thanks!



    I haven’t found a way. I also seem to have come into that problem (I have 9 blogs at, several of which I rarely use), as such, I think the best thing to do, would be to make a big sticky post, saying that you are no longer using that blog, and to contact you if said person wishes to have it.


    Leave it set to public and leave a post on it telling people if they want the URL/name to leave a message.



    I believe there was another forum thread a couple of years ago. I think judyb12 may have posted it and it was being used to collect the blogs that members were willing to transfer to other members. Forgive me for not searching for it but I’m dead beat.



    I’ll take a look and see if I can find it. I’m in touch with Judy, too, and she may know.



    TT I think this may be the one?

    Unfortunately, it’s been closed to new entries. Maybe we can ask staff to make a sticky thread with blognames up for grabs.



    YES! That’s it. :)


    Thank you very much! I may do a post similar to Judy’s.

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