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    If I free up my site address so someone else can use it, does that automatically delete all of my content? In other words, the new user would not also have access to my content, would they?

    The blog I need help with is


    Blog urls are never recycled, so you can’t free it up for someone else. If you delete you blog, all content is gone, and nobody, even you, can use that URL in the future. Deletion is permanent.


    Then why does wordpress give you that option when you go to delete your site?


    I’m assuming your referring to the drop down options that is shown when you go to Tools -> Delete Site. There is an option for freeing up your address, but if you click on that, you’ll find that it says that there is no way for you to actually do that, and that you own the address forever.


    Your assumption was correct. It is ridiculous that they give you the option at all. Thank you for clarifying this.



    If you want to give the address to someone – clear your content then leave a single Post with a note that the address is available for adoption – and have comments on moderate (so you will get an email) and have someone leave a comment if they want the address –

    this should help you clear the blog content

    Bulk Delete

    This way if someone is searching for a name they would stumble on it.

    Sorry not a real elegant way to give it away


    Great idea! Thank you!

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