Freeze Header when scrolling?

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    I want my header to freeze when scrolling down. I typed the code:
    position: fixed;

    When I scroll down the header remains but the main div (‘div id=content’) scrolls over the header.

    My page:

    What can I do so that the header will be “firm” and the scrolling down would happen “underneath” it?


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, the site you referenced is a self-hosted site and is using a theme that we are not familiar with. I would suggest contacting the theme designer, if they have a forum or provide support, or you can post in the Themes and Templates forum at

    That said, I would try adding a background color to #header since I don’t see the content going over the header area. You will likely have to do some redesign work though.



    I did add color but it just fills it over the text of the menu and not underneath it, and also, the main div is still on top of it when scrolling.

    Thanks for the reply, I shall now go to find another path that is sacred to find answers. Cheers.


    Cheers and best of luck.

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