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    I’m using Google chrome and when writing or editing a post i want to save a draft of to be able to preview the post, it freezes forcing me to copy text, close editor/browser and restart, paste and save draft After that it’s possible to save draft and preview again. This happens almost every time i’m previewing more than 2 times during editing a post. After first freeze i have to perform this manouver every time i want to save draft or preview, annoying the daylight out of me!

    Tried to write the post in microsoft word instead but that editor doesn’t acknowledge my wordpress-account and i’ve not found any other blogeditor good enough or capable to manage pictures with text as i want them to work!

    Any suggestions??

    The blog I need help with is



    When you post to this or any other support forum posting a link to the blog in question is expected and even required if you want the best answers possible. Would you please post the complete URL now starting with http://


    Are you using a stable version of Chrome, or a beta version?

    Saving drafts or looking at previews on should not cause a browser to freeze up like you are describing. Do you have any browser extensions install which could be interfering with those processes?

    To rule out a browser-specific problem, you can try testing from another browser such as Firefox.

    Did you check out all fo the offline editors in the support pages?

    What about Post by Email? That may be a good way for you to add new posts.



    Timethief sorry it just slipped my mind in all the annoyance i felt, LOL!

    And hmmm?? I’ll try your suggestions designsimply, TY.

    Will return with what i find out. If it won’t work i’ll make sure i post the links, OK!

    Both of you thanks for your quick responses :D



    Oooh and btw i do use a stable version of Chrome and i do have some extensions installed, they might have something to do with the problem even thou i don’t understand why mail-checker, Hootsuite tweeter, spellchecker and ReadItLater might have to do with WordPress script.

    The only one i can think of that might mess it up is the RSSfeed-checker since it checks out comments on WordPress too. I’m going to try turn it off first and see if that makes any difference.

    Post by mail sounds interesting, i’ll have to look into that. I did check out some of the offline editors and the problem they all do have is that none of them allows me to tweek pics when editing a post. when sitting on a crappy laptop it’s kind of impossible to run both editors and graphics-program at the same time when you need to twek pics to look good in a post!

    Microsoft word isn’t the perfect blogeditor but it sure does have some limited tweeking of pics and graphics built into it!

    Tried LiveWriter but it seems to have no support of pics at all. You can’t even line up the pic so it fits into the window without WordPress changing the formatting of the text when posting. But my 2 blog accounts work perfectly in LiveWriter instead and sorry to say that these 2 programs by Microsoft unfortunately aren’t compatible with each other. Thumbs down there..



    If this is only happening on certain browser, troubleshooting based on the browser’s help page would be a good idea.

    Do you have another browser you can test?

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