Freezing Snow?

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    About the new/returning snow appearance feature. I love it! and I put it on right away. However … I took it off within minutes. Any reason why starting that up would totally freeze my computer (macbook, os X 10.5.3, firefox 3.0.4 … sorry if you need more info, let me know)? It started pretty much five minutes after starting the snow, and resolved the moment I removed the snow.

    Can I just not use snow?

    mmm. Maybe I should seek out other snowy blogs and see if it freezes my computer to view them.


    It will do that with any browser after a while no matter which. The javascript is pretty processor intensive, and it will after a short while lock up most browsers. That is why I never activate it on any of my blogs.



    I hate to seem a moaner, but “pretty processor intensive” is too true for me. In Firefox, given I have a low-end-ish laptop running XP2(3?) through an older Celeron, I note the snow jacks up CPU usage to near 100%. So I wish, really, that the snow feature could be opted out of on the site itself. Otherwise, I do think it is cute…


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    hmm. I didn’t know that. It’s not that cute. I don’t want to alienate readers so I’ll take it off.


    Yeah, just took mine off.


    Unfortunately, it’s only good for really fast connections. People last year complained of slow loads too.



    Since so many people seem to be having problems with snow, would it be possible to have it de-activated from the WordPress home page?


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    To turn it off so you don’t see any more snow: will turn off snow for you on all blogs. will re-enable it.
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