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Freezing the lay-out

  1. Hello there,

    I was wondering if you can freeze the text-size on the page so the lay-out would be identical when browsing with iPhone or other mobile device (I don't want to use the mobile-theme)?

    Now when browsing with mobile, the lay-out breaks down in several places.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. @pixelcounter
    Hello there,
    Support for the iphone app is provided on this forum >

    It's not possible to "freeze font size". However we can all adjust the size of fonts (increase or decrease size) in our browsers. If you have difficulty reading the text on any webpage click here to locate the keyboard shortcuts you can use to increase or decrease font (text) size.

    Hope this helps. Happy blogging. :)

  3. NERTS! I'm sorry. I just noticed this was a CSS forum thread. :(

  4. No problem :)


  5. There is no official support for CSS on but there are a few very generous volunteers who check this forum now and then. Hang in there! When they stop in, they will know how to find your question.

  6. I think that what you want is simply to uncheck:
    Display a mobile theme when this blog is viewed with a mobile browser
    which is under Appearance>Extras.

  7. Andrew, I don't want to use mobile-theme and I have unchecked already that. I just want the page to look the same regardless of the device you are surfing with.

  8. That is sort of the holy grail of web design, and it's not possible under normal circumstances. I am assuming you've got a fixed width theme, which is at least a good starting point.

  9. That maybe true, but one would think that freezing the text-size would be feasible somehow feasible, at least I'd hope so.

  10. ^Take one "feasible" out :)

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