Freezing when I try to save a draft.

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    I posted this to the forum this weekend and someone else is having the same issue, so apparently it’s not just me.

    In the past week or two, when I edit a draft-post, about 75% of the time, it will freeze (spinning gray circle-arrow) when I try to save the draft. While it’s stuck like this, the URL doesn’t even start to change, it’s still the long URL with “edit” in the address. (when it does work, i notice the url change and the colored bar progress to show loading). However, when it’s not going to work it’s obvious because nothing happens to the URL. I could wait forever and it will never save.

    When it does this, my only recourse is to copy all the text, reload the page (which takes away all my changes) and then past the content back into the post and try saving again. This will often work. Unfortunately this doesn’t save things like text color etc….so I have to go back in and manually change all this again…and then try to save.

    In the reply to my forum post, the replier said that he/she thinks it once a draft is previewed it can no longer be edited and saved. That could be it, because I do like to preview the draft to check on images etc…(plus it seems like preview is when I see text changes I need to make) Just a couple weeks ago, I could freely preview edit save preview…now it’s a much more tedious and difficult process.

    I’m running this on a mac with Safari 5.1

    The thread where we talked about this is here:

    Thanks, and I hope you can get to the bottom of this so I can go back to frustration-free blogging!
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    That’s rather odd. :(

    Coincidentally, I was working on a long draft last night, saving and previewing several times, all under Safari 5.1.

    I’d like to rule-out an issue specific to your browser. Would you mind trying again with Chrome or Firefox?


    Well, I downloaded chrome and it seems to not do it on Chrome. I “reset” my Safari and got rid of all cache etc…and it still does it on Safari. I wonder why on earth it would have just started doing this a week or so ago? I made no changed to my Safari or the blog that would do that…I used to be able to save drafts/preview/save again just perfectly fine. I’m having no problem with anything except wordpress.

    Well, crap. I guess I have to use Chrome now but I don’t want to and I just hate that there’s no explanation for why this would suddenly happen–not just to me but to someone else (somebody else on the forum had the same problem). I hope you guys will keep your ears open for this problem and do some checking around if it seems more common… meanwhile, I guess I have to get used to a new browser after years and years of problem-free use of Safari…




    Safari 5.1 came out a few weeks ago. I’d suspect that as the problem, but then again it seems to be working fine for me.

    Are you running any extensions under Safari? If so, would you please try temporarily disabling them, then check for any improvements?


    I checked and no extensions listed, but I went ahead and turned that to “off” in my preferences, and that doesn’t help. Still doing it.

    So weird.

    Not that I don’t like being special, but when it comes to this I really really just want to be normal…



    Are you running Safari 5.1 under OS X 10.7 or 10.6.8?



    My husband updated to Lion a week or so ago on his mac (which is on the network…but that shouldn’t make any difference to mine) but I have not yet.



    Interesting, I’m running Safari 5.1 under 10.7 with no trouble.

    Would you be able to check from your husband’s computer?



    We were able to reproduce this under just Safari 5.1 running on specifically OS X 10.6.8, and some rare cases with OS X 10.7.

    We’ll look into this, but more than likely it’s a bug in Safari.


    Yeah, but does that explain why it doesn’t freeze when I select the “preview” link above the post, but it DOES freeze when I select the “preview” button to the right of the post.

    Are those two coded differently somehow? Maybe the button should be like whatever the link above is??



    This is definitely a Webkit bug, affecting both Safari and Chrome, so we’ll have to wait for them to fix it. There’s nothing that we can do on this end.

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