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    In the past week or two, when I edit a draft-post, about 75% of the time, it will freeze (spinning gray circle-arrow) when I try to save the draft. While it’s stuck like this, the URL doesn’t even start to change, it’s still the long URL with “edit” in the address. (when it does work, i notice the url change and the colored bar progress to show loading). However, when it’s not going to work it’s obvious because nothing happens to the URL. I could wait forever and it will never save.

    When it does this, my only recourse is to copy all the text, reload the page (which takes away all my changes) and then past the content back into the post and try saving again. This will often work. Unfortunately this doesn’t save things like text color etc….so I have to go back in and manually change all this again…and then try to save.

    It’s almost like I have one “save” I can do on a post, and then I have to completely leave the edit page and come back to it before I can save again. It didn’t used to do this…it only started in the past week…possibly two.

    This is my first post to this forum, and I searched the “support” page and couldn’t find an answer to this, but if it’s already been addressed, please just let me know where to look…

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is


    Oh and BTW, I have a Mac and am using Safari.


    I’ve been having this issue as well for the past week or so. I finally realized that I could save my drafts if I did not hit the preview button.

    If I do preview my draft and then try to save or post it, I get that spinning gray circle arrow as well . . . which never, ever stops. The URL also does not change. If I don’t use the preview feature, I can save multiple times and post . . . but it’s really inconvenient, since I like to check my images and videos to make sure they’re working properly in preview. I also just find it easier to edit by looking at the draft in preview.

    I also have Mac and use Safari. I just upgraded to Safari 5.1 last week. I can’t remember if I started having problems with WordPress before or after the upgrade.

    If it helps, this is my blog:


    Unfortunately, it’s when I preview that I realize I need to make changes…haha!!

    That might well be going on with me-I suspect that the preview might be the problem and I just haven’t noticed that it’s only when I preview that it freezes.

    I’m going to try to post this issue to support and see if they can help. I’ll point them to this thread so they can see others are having the problem as well



    I’m having exactly the same problem, having recently switched to MAC’s Lion operating system, and using Safari 5.1. I am unable to save when working on a post, and have just tried to update a post and the ‘swirly’ keeps going around and around. I’ve been forced to use another computer with an older operating system in order to post. Any ideas about what can be done? Thanks.

    My blog is:


    Hey, I think I figured out something. I was able to save as long as I didn’t use preview, which was . . . vexing. But if I save my draft first and then use the preview button that pops up near the top of the screen (and NOT the one that’s right next to the save button) I’ve been able to both use preview and continue saving my drafts without the swirly icon of doom.

    I’m not sure why it should even make a difference, but it seems to, at least for me.


    I’m having the same problem! I can save once and maybe preview once, but I get the spinning gray circle-arrow of doom too after that, even when I try to publish. I have to refresh the page each time I get that circle-arrow, which bogs me down.

    Could be a Safari 5.1 problem (I’m using Snow Leopard OS). I’ll try using Chrome Monday and see what happens.



    Just read that, and updated my flash (I don’t think it was out of date but I re-installed it) checked all the settings that mentioned and it didn’t help at all. Still doing the same thing in safari.

    However if I do what mygeekblasphmy suggested and only use the Preview link above the post rather than the button to the right of the editing panel, it works fine. Weird that one would work but one not…but my geekblasphemy is correct. That does work.



    We were able to reproduce this under just Safari 5.1 running on specifically OS X 10.6.8, and some rare cases with OS X 10.7.

    We’ll look into this, but more than likely it’s a bug in Safari.



    I just switched to Chrome, and everything works as before. It seems to be a problem with Safari 5.1.



    This is definitely a Webkit bug, affecting both Safari and Chrome, so we’ll have to wait for them to fix it. There’s nothing that we can do on this end.

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