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French (Canada) validator

  1. Hello, Vanillalounge!
    I'd be proud and happy to become a validator for French (Canada)
    Cheers ,-p

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All set, thanks for helping!

  3. stylistycznetlumaczenia

    Although it's the wrong thread, I'm posting here because the relevant one is closed. I wonder if you had a lot of replies for a Polish validator? I've submitted a few corrections of the awkward Polish strings, but feel all my effort might be in vain, as they might not get through past the current validators. How do you evaluate the validators?

  4. @stylist...: As vanillalounge suggested on his original topic, the thread was closed precisely to encourage you to open a new topic.

    Right now, you are posting on a "resolved" topic, which makes it difficult for your request to be noticed. If you don't get a response in a few days, I suggest you create a new thread.

  5. dit moi, existe t'il une version en francais de : ?
    je vient de m'inscrire mais je voit que tout est en anglais.

  6. Attention que n'est pas encore compl├Ętement traduit. On y travaille, merci pour la patience.

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