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french dashboard - home page distorted (and a bit more)

  1. - probably due to translation length ...could you check (and update live) the following, please
    "espace alloué" (same lenght / vo)
    "espace utillisé" (same lenght / vo)
    "espace de stockage" (correct translation)
    corrections were made to glotpress france since a while but maybe require an update (done by you) as it’s still all ragged for now
    (cf screenshot)

    - cf support: all blogs come with 3GB free storage space, i'm still confused
    I tried to revert to the original (before outer import), yet no changes seen on "fr dashboard live"

    - and at last, in order to match the original lenght, "vide = valeur réseau" is better too

    Thanks a million for your help, best regards, -lil

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,
    Could someone move this topic to translations forum please, cause it's been posted to main forum via "contact" (wp support pages) about four hours ago and I fear I won't get any answer on here. Thanks in advance.

  3. Aux membres du personnel,
    Y a-t-il moyen d'obtenir une réponse, ou est-ce trop vous demander?

  4. theinsanityaquarium

    Hi lilmaouz, this thread has already been tagged as 'modlook' so hopefully a member of staff will be with you shortly to help :)

  5. Hi, theinsanityaquarium,
    Ooh, it's so kind of you!
    Unfortunately that modlook tag has misteriously disapeared since.
    Once more, I'll add it…
    Helleuw, people at :D

  6. The strings have been deployed already. Could you please check again? Otherwise try clearing out your browser cache.

    Thank you!

  7. Hello Kardotim,
    Thank you for your reply!
    I cleared my browser cache and I can’t see any difference for now.
    I can access a blog that’s not mine, and it’s the same over there.
    By the way, this bug was first reported by a user onto the french forums
    So I don’t think it’s a personal problem but an interface/language prob.

    First off sorry for my hesitation, regarding the translation of Espace Disque
    Unlike users (having some knowledge on database management e.g)
    "Espace Disque" doesn’t mean alot to users
    |"Espace Disque" basically understood as
    That’s why I chose "Espace de Stockage" (currently on glotpress, not visible)

    Today I feared "Espace de Stockage" maybe couldn’t fit the available width
    (out of caution I thought "Espace Média" that’s shorter could be better)

    but attached to well done work, I finally and definitely decided to revert …

    (I know you have a lot of work ahead and so sorry I add some more!)

    ★ current translations on to glotpress
    French (France) → Storage Space

    French (Canada) → Storage Space

    French (Switzerland) → Storage Space

      ● ● ● Now, if imports are applied first (on any french interface despite local validation ) here are the current versions still deployed on

    SUISSE (best one)
    French (Switzerland) → Space Allowed (espace utilisé)

    French (Switzerland) → Space Used (espace disque alloué)
    BUT ESPACE ALLOUÉ WOULD BE BETTER (sorry to yell on here ;)

    French (Switzerland) → Manage Upload >%2$sMB (%3$s%%)

    French (Switzerland) → Manage Upload >%2$sMB

    screenshot CH
    vs previous EN (except the difference due to recent uploads)

      ● ● ● and if so (mere assumption), still applied despite local validation

    French (France) → Space Allowed

    French (France) → Storage Used

    French (France) → Manage Uploads >%2$sMB (%3$s%%)

    French (France) → Manage Uploads >%2$sMB

    screenshot FR

    CANADA (the worst   …Note: (MB => Mo)
    French (Canada) → Space Allowed

    French (Canada) → Space Used

    French (Canada) → Manage Uploads >%2$sMB (%3$s%%)

    French (Canada) → Manage Uploads >%2$sMB

    screenshot CA

    Thanks again for your help! Best regards, lil.

  8. About Switzerland, please forget the above, I made a little mistake, sorry ;(
    SUISSE (best one)
    French (Switzerland) → Space Allowed (Espace alloué)
    (shorter than "espace disque alloué" (we have now onto fr french db),
    thus the next string on the same line fits better to the available space)

    French (Switzerland) → Space Used (espace disque utilisé)
    BUT ESPACE UTILISÉ WOULD BE BETTER (sorry to yell again :)

    French (Switzerland) → Manage Upload >%2$sMB (%3$s%%)

    French (Switzerland) → Manage Upload >%2$sMB

    Sorry again! Have a nice day.

  9. I've just deployed it. Please check again :)

  10. Hello, Kardotim,
    I thank you for taking time out to answer my (our) question!
    I cleared my browser cache as I always do and unfortunately both interfaces (france + canada) are still the same (cf. screenshots) :((

  11. Sorry for the delay. I was able to fix the string you've reported at . Could you please check that one to be sure it's translated correctly?

    I've changed the priority of the other strings and redeployed them. Could you please check those too?

    I also noticed that these two strings were missing a translation:

    Thank you!

  12. Hello,
    and thank you so much, Kardotim!
    Yes of course, your translation is perfect ;)

    Here is what you get for now in those various languages:

    What if those two strings (missing in translation on to glotpress fr-ch) were behind the best match? (practically the only difference [France vs Suisse] that's still existing, right? :)

    Anyway, this is not a matter of life or death, and I thank you again for having taken some time to help us.
    I wish you (in advance) a very nice weekend; all the best, lil.

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