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    I am very, very, but very pleased with WordPress, after one year in […] Msn Spaces and not even a month here.

    But, I wonder, will we be able eventually to get the French interface on

    Not that I cannnot work with the English version. My concern is more oriented toward the reader’s experience, which are tryinf to figure out – form some of them : «filed in», «read the rest of the entry» and so on.

    Only these little details, visible only for the readers… For the dashboard., I can easily live with that!

    My suggestion : when we choose the language of the blog, just to have the blog messages for the readers in the selected, instead of loading all the WordPress files…

    And, a secondary question : in the next year, if I want WordPress to be hosted to a provider, instead of, is that possible to migrate the actual content or I will have to «cut and paste» everything?

    Thank you! I love «wordpressing» on Saturdays!



    Matt and crew have stated that foreign language interfaces are planned at some time. You can read about it here. Also make sure that you have selected the language of your blog as, per that post, they are keeping track of what’s requested.

    Hope this helps,

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