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French translation - Extra "S" in the number of comments (e.g."3s commentaires")

  1. A user on the French forums noted that the number of comments has a superfulous "s" right next to the number.

    Example: "3s commentaires" on the most recent post of

    French forum topic:

  2. Hi Sergio,

    I guess this is because of a wrong translation in GlotPress. See here:


  3. Hi, staff,
    Could you update asap the validations I've made a few days ago please, because your french users have serious problems with their comment counts, due to those stupid importations from (again, yes)
    And also, would you please notice that I stop being a validator for france, canada, and gravatar france. Thanks.

  4. We've just deployed a fix to remove the extra "s." Should be all good now!

  5. Thanks a lot, amightywp!

  6. Not a problem! Have a great week!

  7. (in English to that staff can understand)

    Lilmaouz, are you serious? Do you want to resign from your position as validator for French (Canada)? If so, I would be very interested and motivated in becoming the new validator. :-)

  8. Hello, Airodyssey!
    I've been asking since forever, you to become the validator for French Canada, so yes of course, it would be great! Thanks!

    On the other hand (to staff attention), due to those hundreds of hours I've been working on it, I really can't give up now. So I decided, if you don't mind, to keep on being the validator on french-fr/france (main) wp-project, as well as on fr-france, gravatar project.

    Wishing you all a pretty good day, kind regards, lil.

  9. Hi lilmaouz, thank you for letting us know. And thanks for all of the volunteer time you have already put in as a validator. We really, truly appreciate it! :)

    I removed lilmaouz as a validator for French Canada in the project, and added airodyssey as a validator. Thanks so much for volunteering to take over, airodyssey. :)

    Lilmaouz, I left you as a validator on the other projects you mentioned. Please let me know if I can help with anything else!

  10. Thank you both :-)

  11. Hello Rachel,

    Thanks a million for the quick reply and your precious help!
    Oh yes one more thing please: I didn't give up on my french-be (belgium) wp-project (despite the quite little content it has for now) so I'd like keep that one too, please. Thanks in advance ;)

    Hola Airodyssey, congrats and good luck, amigo! :p

  12. Hi lilmaouz,

    I double-checked, and you are still a validator for French-Belgium (fr-be), too. :) Thanks for all the help!

  13. Thank you so much for your assistance and your kind words, Rachel! 〰✿

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