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Frequent Server Not Found Interruptions

  1. affinityforanime

    I'm frequently getting "server not found" errors while I write my posts on my wordpress blog. I'll just be adding tags, typing text, or inserting images and when I click "save draft", "publish" or "update", I'll get a "server not found" error and I lose all of my updates and progress for that post. Then, when I try to refresh the page or load my wordpress blog, it won't reload until I've waited nearly a half hour. Then, it'll suddenly reload as if there was never a problem. This happens about three times a day while I work on my blog. What is happening? This doesn't happen for any site other than wordpress, so I know my internet connection is just fine.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your internet connection may be censoring WordPress. I believe Argentina just decided to censor it, for instance. Where are you connecting from?

  3. affinityforanime

    I'm connecting from Japan.

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