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Fresh Bananas CSS error

  1. There is a small error in this stylesheet:
    Found with
    <br /> #commentlist li .avatar {<br /> border: 1px solid #B9DDDE6;<br />
    It should probably be:
    <br /> #commentlist li .avatar {<br /> border: 1px solid #B9DDDE;<br />

  2. added modlook tag, so mark could check out it.

  3. Modlook is designed for flagging spam and trolls, not for getting Mark to take a look at a thread. If you need him to see something, the best thing to do is send a feedback.

  4. Staff has stated that theme bugs should be sent in via feedback along with a pointer to the thread so that they see we've discussed the matter. This way a ticket is opened and they can get someone to look into the matter.

    *chuckle* We've had Fresh Bananas for over a year and this is the first anyone notices it? :)

  5. Opera and Mozilla try to handle this CSS error, but they don't render the right color. MSIE6 doesn't know what to do with it and renders it with the standard linkcolor blue when logged on and doesn't render it at all when logged out.

  6. Thanks for the reports. This is fixed and will be deployed shortly.

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