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Fresh Bananas HTML errors

  1. There are a few small HTML errors in the Fresh Bananas theme. Found with

    It doesn't have the right doctype. It's XHTML 1.0 Strict, while I think it should be XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

    The list in the sidebar is missing an ul-starttag and an ul-endtag. Opera and Mozilla correct it while rendering, but MSIE6 doesn't.

  2. Please just send these to Support.
    Sending in a Support message telling me to look here makes things take longer and doesn't really help much at all.

    I will note this and pass it on.

  3. And to anyone else sending in things like this:

    "The list in the sidebar is missing an ul-starttag and an ul-endtag."
    Where? Is it a widget? Which widget? Does widget order matter? Is it everything? Does it happen in default?

    The more details I have the faster things get fixed. The opposite is true.

  4. @Mark
    1 & 2 noted

  5. My blog uses the Fresh Bananas theme with five widgets. So the div id="sidebar" has five li-elements. A list should start with an ul-starttag and end with an ul-endtag. So it's not the widgets. It is everything and it happens in default.

  6. Just tested it without any widgets (Default Sidebar) and the error does not occur. So it does not happen in default.

    This is what the Default Sidebar code looks like on my blog:
    <div id="sidebar"><br /> <h1>sidebar</h1><br /> <h2>Other Stuff</h2><br /> <ul><br /> <li class="page_item">

    And this is the code with widgets:
    <div id="sidebar"><br /> <h1>sidebar</h1><br /> <li id="pages" class="widget widget_pages"><h2 class="widgettitle">Pagina’s</h2><br /> <ul><br /> <li class="page_item">

    So it looks like this is more complex then I first thought it was.

  7. The Default Sidebar code is good, but the the custom sidebar code should look like this:
    <div id="sidebar"><br /> <h1>sidebar</h1><br /> <ul><br /> <li id="pages" class="widget widget_pages"><h2 class="widgettitle">Pagina’s</h2><br /> <ul><br /> <li class="page_item">
    So it still comes down to one missing ul-starttag and one missing ul-endtag.

  8. Just noticed the doctype changed. Great, thanks!
    By the way: has a similar sidebar structure, but not the missing ul-tags bug.
    And the theme there has the strict doctype, causing two small errors.

  9. @derekblog
    Thanks for reporting that for me I'm as non-geeky as they come. Please, someone with technical know how tell me how to remedy this or what to do about it.

  10. Send a feedback with specifics so that a ticket is created and someone can look at it.

    I think that's stated in Post #2 up there. :)

  11. Done.

  12. The key to solving Fresh Bananas layout problem may be in a similar theme that doesn't have that problem. Timethief's is an example of that.

  13. Wasn't Fresh Banana also the theme where the footer floated upwards if you didn't have any posts? I seem to remember someone mentioning that in the past.

  14. @timethief:
    I fixed the one issue that was specific. The other is a "problem" with the editor:
    RTE inserted img should not use deprecated align property

    I am inclined not to change all the themes to XHTML 1.0 Transitional just because a widget or other scenario breaks validation. If they are not displaying well in a popular browser then that would motivate me -- such as the Fresh Bananas problem derekblog started with. Thank you!

  15. @foolswisdom
    Looks like XHTML 1.0 Strict is the right doctype after all! People should use style="float:right;" instead of align="right"

    The ul tag that was added to the Fresh Bananas theme causes many new problems. Please remove it again, sorry. There does not seem to be a simple solution for this.

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