Fresh Pressed…What gives???

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    What does it take to be fresh pressed?? I have seen some of the random topics that have been selected and it seems only the abstract are selected. Is there a bias against those who blog on sports?? My blog covers the NFL as it’s played today and covers it’s overall history. After 243 articles, closing in on 50,000 reads in 86 countries (since Feb. 25th) even though football is only played in America. So to have the blog propel me to 4 different American nationwide radio shows, about to produce my first book, and have former players want me to write for their websites has me totally perplexed. I came to wrodpress over other blog choices out there because of the outlets like Fresh Pressed and the support of a large active community. I just haven’t seen evidence of it. I’d at least like to think I would have been fresh pressed at least once or twice…

    The blog I need help with is

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