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Freshly Pressed

  1. Looks like the WordPress HP was extended it's Freshly Pressed blogs. Super Fantastic!! Be nice to see something there about World AIDS Day today.

  2. Huzzah more opportunities for me not to be FP'd haha

  3. Freshly Pressed is a chance for random blogs to gain a ridiculous amount of hits and followers for what I can tell are mediocre posts-stupid and's ok rant over

  4. Not ALL of them though, La Plume Noir was Freshly Pressed :)

  5. I haven't been - I'm too "heavy" :)

  6. That makes both of us, I too profane :)

  7. And I can't spell "I'm" either.

  8. This is me getting freshly pressed, or now you can say - formerly pressed.

  9. kennethmarkhoover

    Some of them are good, but yes some are definitely mediocre. Not all of them have topics which interest me, but at least there appears to be some effort at a mix.

  10. phoenixtearsheal

    I do like it and have come across some great blogs that way, I'm glad it's expanded.
    At other times, through other pages or lists provided by the site, I have come across someone's blog and found I love it so much that I want to say 'oh! look at this, look at this' .
    At those times I wish I could nominate it to appear on Freshly Pressed but I know it's personal taste :)

  11. I think nomination is good, some blogs are so different and interesting they should be noticed while others are just your average blog which is a shame

  12. Maybe one day they would be interested in FP-ing a turtle blog ;)

  13. phoenixtearsheal

    Wow! Kroten they are beautiful :-)

  14. @teamoyeniyi and Pete did they actually tell you that you were too 'heavy' and 'profane' to make freshly pressed? Wow

  15. Lol no we just assumed :P

  16. As for me, I'm shocked my Cthulhu Goatse post wasn't picked!

  17. @Pete ahahaa fair enough, probably about right :)
    Being freshly pressed would be nice but it's like a handout. Blood, sweat and hurt fingers go into these blogs and they're all self made which makes the success through followers and traffic more meaningful. That's just my opinion but don't get me wrong I would love to get FP for all the recognition I would get ha :P

  18. @ nice one, sami. see you on my bus on friday during rush hour!

  19. I have a fear of success so that is why I am happy not being Freshly Pressed.

    Although, for the right prize I would let them.

  20. "Frankly, my dear I don't a damn".

  21. Okay, it's loading for me now so I'll remove the tag for Staff.

  22. LOL:D I have too many windows open and just posted into the wrong thread. :D

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