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Freshly Pressed

  1. impassionedplatypi

    Would it be possible to either change the "Freshly Pressed" area to update every so often so that the blogs featured there change throughout the day, or add a "Random" feature that will pull up just any random WordPress blog? I saw the random feature in the drop down along the top bar, but that seemed to only take me to the WordPress blog, not other users' blogs.

  2. Wow one of my posts was promoted to Freshly Pressed, its such a buzz!! Never thought I'd see the day lol

    Im trying to find out how long it will stay there and how it was picked.

    Does anyone know?


  3. @lola
    Members have asked about this before but we Volunteers haven't a clue

  4. Aha so its one of those mysteries... thanks TT I will ask the staff!

  5. In any situation where competition is a factor and page view numbers are the crux of the choices made, the exact details are never told to us. If they were, there would be those who would "game the system". To be honest I haven't looked at for years and I never view the page you are looking at either.

  6. Me neither, I always thought Freshly Pressed was for popular blogs but I never look at the Home page so I was pretty surprised. I did not know about botd.wordpress, thats interesting!

  7. Congrats! on having you blog post featured. May this happen to your blog again and again. :)

  8. oh Thank you Timethief!! appreciate that, It was a one off post that will give a friend of mine his 15 minutes of fame but its great to know even small fry like us can make it to the big pages haha. Thanks WordPress!

  9. Maybe it's just the luck of the draw, but if you've never seen your blog featured on the Freshly Pressed page, what does it take to get there? I'm going on two years running on Word Press and I'm still waiting.

  10. what does it take to get there?

    I'm pretty sure that popularity in terms of high numbers of page views within a specified timeframe is a factor.

  11. Hey everyone!

    The person behind the curtain is me, Joy Victory, the Editorial Czar for Each weekday I go and look for the best posts on and add them to Freshly Pressed.

    I'll soon be posting more documentation on what it takes to get added to Freshly Pressed, and why it matters to your site -- stay tuned. We also just added a Freshly Pressed feed that you can subscribe to:


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