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Freshly pressed

  1. nochildrenwhatnow

    I haven't got a problem, but I was just wondering if other bloggers can suggest a blog to be freshly pressed. I was reading a blog today and it moved me to tears ( of happiness not sadness). Others who commented felt the same and I think a blog like that deserves to be freshly pressed. Thought there might be a button to press other than the ' like ' button. A nomination button maybe. Just a thought.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff choose to select from among the 38 million blogs that have posts for them to select from. See here > I'm okay with that as Staff know it's not in's best interested to advertise no quality content and/or low no quality content blogs.

    P.S. If there is ever such a nomination button introduced here i will publish the most scathing rant you have ever read. Why? Because the flightless waterfowl members would then dominate the selections.

  3. nochildrenwhatnow

    Wow you reply quickly, thanks! Yeah, I understand it's probably best that there isn't a nomination button. So do the people at wordpress look at stats to pick the cream of the crop, because they obviously can't get through millions of blogs. Im just curious.
    I don't need help with my blog by the way, even though it will put that in automatically when I submit this. Im just a newbie getting info.

  4. No, they don't look at stats. If they did, I and other bloggers would crucify them: popular blogs don't need more popularity from a feature ostensibly designed to give wider exposure to blogs of quality.

  5. No Staff do not pick "the cream of the crop". If they did we wouldn't be seeing what I witness now. From what I can see they tend to select new blogs for the purposes of encouragement but then I'm not Staff. All I know is at the link I posted above.

  6. @raincoaster

    If they did, I and other bloggers would crucify them:

    roflol :D

  7. FACT.

  8. Agreed and that's why I'm laughing so hard. lol :D

  9. nochildrenwhatnow

    Well you are obviously making assumptions about why I'm asking this question. I like reading the freshly pressed and wondered how they pick them. I saw a blog today that had a video of a same sex couple going to Africa to pick up twins that they were going to adopt. It was gorgeous and moved me and and others to tears. I wanted it to be freshly pressed and wondered if there was a nomination button to nominate it so that others could see it too. I'm sorry if that offends you or I don't understand the ins and outs of the blogger world. Thanks for your help I know now that they just pick them at random and stumble upon some great reads.

  10. We aren't making assumptions about your question or motives for asking it at all. We have both been here for over 6 years and we were having some fun but not at your expense. The bottom line is this is what Staff have provided >

  11. Don't take the answers to technical questions personally. To put it in its most straightforward way: TT and I answer so many questions per day that we really don't inquire about anyone's motivations for posting a question, we just answer it.

    They don't pick them at random. But they don't pick them based on nominations, either. If you want to give a post wider recognition, that is what numerous social media platforms have been specifically designed to do: Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Twitter, etc.

  12. michelleweber

    Hi, nochildrenwhatnow! If you're on Twitter, please feel free to tweet us suggestions @freshly_pressed - we review each of them.

  13. nochildrenwhatnow

    Thank you michelle I will!

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