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    I have seen a lot of bloggers bragging about about being Freshly Pressed for the second, third or even fourth time. How can this happen when so many good bloggers never make it even once?


    We Freshly Press individual strong posts, not blogs, so a blog with multiple great posts may be featured more than once. We do try to minimize this and make sure a good chunk of time elapses between features.

    We’re constantly on the lookout for great bloggers we’ve never featured, and welcome your suggestions on Twitter – we’re @freshly_pressed.



    I take your point on posts rather than blogs but this is just the stock answer. Every day I read better posts than the ones you select for FP. I think you should stop saying that they are the best and just call them a selection of your favourites!


    We’ve moved away from “best” to calling them Editor’s Picks — who can say what post is “best”? The fact that there’s are so many incredible posts out there waiting to be found is testament to the awesomeness of the community.

    I really do encourage you to share your finds with us on Twitter; we review every link.

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