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    I’m having trouble understanding how this tagging system works for the sites. I don’t even know how to add a tag I don’t think. I seen how the editor has a button that says more tags and I have clicked it and written a tag in it then it adds it to my post, I could have written it in my post myself if I wanted it there, the fact is I don’t want tag words sitting on the page for no apparent reason. So I am totally confused by this because I don’t get this tag thing and how you’re suppose to add them, or why because the search for my site catches everything so why is tagging necessary if a search widget is doing what it does?

    I have read about tags and categories and have added a tag in Settings>>reading>> but I must tell you my entire site has that keyword/tag throughout the site so I don’t know what good its doing. That word is “Avril Lavigne”.

    Here’s my dilemma, my site is an “Avril Lavigne” fansite, its complete with everything you would ever want to know about Avril Lavigne, with every song Lyric she ever written to every video she ever made, and live rare live footage, a complete in depth discography, biography, etc.. but I don’t see one listing of my site that’s all about Avril Lavigne mentioned once when doing a search using wordpresses search engine for Avril Lavigne, let alone the freshly pressed section. I see other sites that may have posted once or twice about Avril, but for crying out loud my entire sites about Avril and it doesn’t come up once in a search for Avril Lavigne on this server. So I’m thinking this tag issue is holding the site back.

    I have the site in google and its verified, and with a sitemap, all thats good and taken care of properly, but you would think on wordpress search results doing a search for Avril lavigne at least ONE listing would be shown, all things considered. To be honest I’m not concerned about getting a wordpress audience because I get plenty of publicity for the site at YouTube, I’m going on near 8,000 subscribers right now with my site linked to all the videos, but would like to know out of curiosity what is up with wordpress not bringing up my site in search results on its server. I can say without hesitation the name “Avril Lavigne” is mentioned in nearly all 460 pages I have created for the wordpress site, so go figure.

    Any thoughts as to why the site does not come up in a wordpress search for Avril Lavigne?

    The blog I need help with is

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