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Freshly pressed

  1. Does one get some sort of notification if a post is freshly pressed? I can see Freshly Pressed in my list of Referrers for today. Does that mean I was Freshly Pressed?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I thought someone said the blog owner was notified, but why not visit Freshly Pressed and see if your site is there?

  3. I see. I can't find my site there but I can't understand why its in my list of Referrers (in Stats) then? That would normally mean that the Freshly Pressed was referring to my site.

  4. That's interesting. Since you have only one referrer from Freshly Pressed, my guess is that a Freshly Pressed blog may have linked to you, and someone clicked on the link without going to that blog.

    If your blog had been Freshly Pressed, you would have received a notification from, and you would likely see a corresponding bump in overall stats.

  5. Ok I understand. Thank you for your answer.

  6. You're very welcome.

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