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    I know this might be a lot of work for the guys over at wordpress but I think this would be a really good Idea.

    I suggest a way to submit you blog and have readers vote for it.
    This will really help unknown blogs get noticed :)

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m all for it as long as I get to choose if I wish to submit my blog or not.


    It’s also a good way for people to “game” the system but getting all their blogging buddies to vote for their blog. Then it becomes a situation where the more blogging friends you have, the more likely you are to show up on freshly pressed.

    Too much chance for abuse me thinks.



    Gob forbid that ever becomes a Digg clone.



    You just described Digg … lol :D About 100 members there seem to control what makes the front page. One can get up 4 hours early as I have done and watch the parade to the top. A story from cracked or xkcd is a guaranteed a pop to front page. Then again so are stories from arstechnica, msn, nytimes, latimes, livescience, cnn, discovery, nationalgeographic, huffingtonpost, gizmodo, lifehacker, theonion, forbes, usatoday etc etc – if submitted by a power digger will pop more often than not.


    Digg reminds me of the battles between high-school cliques.


    I think Digg is run by club penguin.



    I thought Digg died a long time ago, at least it did for me :o) Guess people are still into the numbers game and popularity contest. It is one thing to have suitable features to promote one’s blog, but it is quiet another to have a circus!



    Agreed. When the new “gangs” formed and started taking on the resident gang using greasemonkey scripts I backed away from Digg. Digg users weren’t happy with a group of people retaining all this power so they invented easy Digging scripts allowed them to to see which of your friends are Digging your stories. Another script would even automatically Digg stories for you while you were sleeping. One more Digg script placed a Digg It button in the Incoming shouts page, a place that Digg intended not to have a button placed. Jen Burton, Community Manager at Digg wrote a blog post stating that using scripts results in a violation of the Digg Terms of Use and would result in a ban. I had already lost interest by then.



    Digg became a circus. Not surprising some of the same game playing clowns and their trained seals from Digg showed up on Mixx . They pulled off the same old, same old stuff I saw them pull at Digg and I backed away from Mixx too.

    So do I want to see that here? Heck no.


    wow…I’m kind of speechless. Haha didn’t know a suggestion would stir up such a conversation?


    Digg is a cesspool. Yuck. Freshly pressed should go to posts that are worth reading, not always from the popular blogs.



    Despite the fa-la-la and euphemistic language that abounds these days, I assure you that being successful at “social networking” is all based on who has the biggest army of “voters”. Like TSP said above it amounts to watching the kind of adolescent battling between high-school cliques.

    However, because the people involved are adults and as many are money motivated marketers, advertisers, make money bloggers, scammers and/or spammers IMO it’s not very entertaining to either play the game or watch it being played. I view it as a sad reflection of the dumbing down of the masses.


    thanks TT :) and TSP!


    I might be able to find this information somewhere on the site, but since I was reading here, I thought I would ask… How is it determined which blogs get shown on “Freshly Pressed”?


    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage



    My understanding is that they have a dedicated editor for this.



    Re: Freshly Pressed selections made by Staff
    Here you go >

    See also:
    Editorial Czar
    Jun 14, 2010, 2:11 PM

    Anyone who would like more specific advice on how to possibly make it to Freshly Pressed one day, or help improving their blog to the point of being in contention for Freshly Pressed, should email me at editor at wordpress dot com.


    I wish the Freshly Pressed was a bit easier to get in to. There are SO many blogs around but I feel like I often see the same ones showing up on Freshly Pressed.



    That’s an interesting observation. I rarely view that page but when I do I seem to be seeing the same blogs featured over and over again too. I have this option disabled > Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings
    __ Fun __ Surprise me. (Fun mode.)
    Therefore I don’t have the “___This post is super-awesome” option appearing in my Publish module on new posts.
    Do you have these enabled? Are you checkmarking your posts “__This post is super-awesome” prior to publishing them?


    I check mark them every so often but I didn’t think that directly correlated with who was being picked or not, especially since Freshly Pressed was around before that ‘Surprise Me’ nonsense.

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