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    I feel guilty making this a “support request,” but I’ve searched the website for general “feedback” contact info — to no avail. So here I go…

    Many of us bloggers mark our sites as “adult/mature” because we use foul language — in my case, the reason I’ve marked it “adult” is primarily so my children (and any children) won’t be able to access the site on computers with adequate parental controls. This just seems the appropriate thing to do. Of course, we do this knowing full well that this most likely precludes us from being “Freshly Pressed” per your “How to” guide to getting Freshly Pressed (

    In this post, your support team indicates that rule #1 is “Write unique content that’s free of bad stuff,” adding “Each post that makes it to Freshly Pressed contains original content created by the user. Bad stuff includes (but isn’t limited to) plagiarism, hate speech, fear-mongering, adult/mature content [emphasis added], copyrighted images that belong to someone else, spam or content that’s primarily advertorial in nature.”

    I would argue that “adult/mature content” that is simply not excessive foul language should NOT be excluded from Freshly Pressed consideration. Of course porn or sexual discussions should…but swearing is not exactly “bad stuff” to most bloggers. Yet WordPress groups that in. Or at least I thought it did.

    So you can imagine my surprise — and probably hear the collective gasps of all blogger/readers — when we read this today in a post titled “On gaining and losing friends”:

    “Then I realized that [removed] and has been hurting and re-hurting me for the past 18 months.”

    This is so discouraging. Clearly this blog has not identified itself as “adult/mature,” despite the BOLD (yelling) of extremely foul language. Is someone on your team screening for this type of content?

    I just wish WordPress provided a level playing field with fair opportunities for Freshly Pressed exposure. Either make it so that foul language can’t be Freshly Pressed…or make “foul language” an exception to the “free of bad stuff” rule. And really, today’s post pretty much contains the foulest of foul language. I’m a woman who sometimes swears like a drunken sailor, yet I would never use this language…

    Can you provide any clarification about this? And if I choose to “unmark” my blog as adult/mature — is that even possible? Because yes, I swear…but not even CLOSE to the level of foul language that this blogger wrote in today’s Freshly Pressed post. Perhaps I need to reconsider.

    Thank you in advance for your time and help.


    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve seen Freshly Pressed posts that have contained profanity in the past, if it’s just a few swear words here and there it’ll likely be fine but if it’s riddled with it then it likely won’t happen.

    Freshly Pressed isn’t randomly generated, one of the staff members choose the content that goes on there. I agree with that level of profanity, the post shouldn’t be on Freshly Pressed where younger users can view such posts.



    Why would you ever mark a blog “Mature” just because it has swearing? So do most casual conversations in the shopping malls of America. You are needlessly excluding your ENTIRE blog from being considered through what I’d call an inappropriate case of flagging yourself for something you’re not doing.

    Hedgehogs is “Mature” because of language. Blogs that include swear words on some posts do not belong in the same category.



    Thanks for bringing that post to our attention, we’re taking care of it now. It definitely should not have wound up there.


    @raincoaster: Interesting point. I really thought that “adult/mature” did include foul language, per something I had read on WordPress. I’ll have to look again.

    @macmanx: Thank you. You guys are fast! So now that I’m looking into this, my blog has been labeled “adult/mature” and may not actually embody that classification…is there any way to remove that label?



    Looking through your blog, I don’t see any reason for it to be marked as such (yet), so I have removed the mark.

    If you ever feel like you’ve crossed into an adult-only territory (in accordance with our terms of service, of course), please feel free to report it again.



    Mature means not suitable for general audiences. See detailed staff reply here:
    see also >


    @macmanx and @timethief: Thank you. This helps tremendously.

    Also, I noticed in the links forwarded by timethief that if I marked my blog as “18+,” then it automatically is flagged as “Mature.” Given my initial understanding of “adult/mature” content, I most likely marked it that way initially — even though, almost two years later, I’ve definitely not included anything worthy of that distinction. I don’t see this setting in my dashboard; can you verify that my blog is NOT marked as “18+”?

    Thank you again!



    marked as “18+” … there is no such setting



    It’s in the Admin bar, not on the dashboard. You can flag a blog as Mature via the drop-down menu on the blog name in the admin bar.


    Per “Mark/support” in this thread

    What is Mature? If only it were easy to say.
    Lots of profanity – probably.
    Some profanity – probably not
    A few images of topless women (for it is usually women and western society tends to see the topless man as non sexual generally) – probably not
    Lots of images of topless woman – probably
    Genital images – definitely unless the blog is educational (and yes, we know the difference between education and not)
    Images of mutilation, dead people, injuries, cruelty, killing – definitely.
    Combinations of the above – probably
    Declaring your blog 18+ – definitely [emphasis added]

    When I started the blog, I seem to recall the set-up asks you to indicate an age range. Am I imagining that? It’s possible…it was two years ago, and I’m getting forgetful in my old age… ;)



    I don’t think so. I’ve been here six years +. It does ask you to confirm you are 13 or over somewhere in the ToS, though.



    What Mark meant was that if you are declaring your blog to only be suitable for audiences 18 and up, it should definitely be marked as mature.

    We do not have age gates at

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