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    I was recently featured on “Freshly Pressed”, and I was wondering if there was a “badge” that exists for people who have earned a space on FP. I am rather proud of being selected, and would love to be able to put something there much like the “I Climbed Mount Everest” bumper stickers on cars.

    That brings me to another question, what is the general consensus about blog badges? Fun? Amateur? Thoughts?

    The blog I need help with is


    I have that same question: let me know what you find out or maybe you and I should create one?



    I think it’s a super idea!



    There isn’t one, but go ahead and make one. I bet other people would be very interested in it and might use it if they get featured.



    I’m not good with animation, but I was thinking it could be something related to a coffee grinder, a printing press. or playing with the words “Freshly Pressed”… thoughts?

    I actually tried some of the “Blog Badge” makers online and couldn’t quite get it to work. Anyone else want to try to put something together?


    I am working on something, thanks for the ideas.



    Great, thank you!!



    how did you get your blogs on “freshly pressed?” were they just selected at random?




    To those who have asked how to get onto “Freshly Pressed”, I have to say that I have absolutely no idea. I have only been blogging since December, and have been learning the ropes as I go along.

    There are a few articles online that give tips on to get featured there, but I’ve read posts on FP that don’t necessarily fit into the suggestions that were given. Some of the tips include having photos and keeping your post free of typos, but I have seen posts that were image-less and seemed not to have been proofread.

    I don’t think it’s necessarily WHAT you post about, but how you do it. I often ask and then answer my own questions. I leave some things unanswered, and ask open-ended questions to make people think. Think about how you would talk about your topic in a group setting. What points might you bring up to solicit feedback or discussion?

    It’s okay to write about controversial topics. It’s even better to have an opinion, because it gives your reader a point to either counter or agree with.

    I’ll let you in on one secret. Things that I used to write as my status update on Facebook or Twitter, I now reserve for blog posts. It might be worth trying for a few days. Any time you go to post your status on FB, start a blog post instead. You might be surprised that you actually do have a lot of ideas.

    I hope that those suggestions are helpful. And while I did have huge surges in traffic when I was featured on FP (I was lucky to be featured on a Friday before a holiday, so my post stayed up for four days – F, S, S, M), my stats are back to where they were before I was featured, between 20-80 hits per day. Maintenance is the hardest part.

    Good luck, and keep writing!


    daisysprouts: I wanted to thank you for writing that. I am not even paying attention any longer. It’s a joke. I am a great writer and I know it. I have seen crap and I mean Crap posted on Freshly Pressed. My advice is FIRE them and get new employees! I will visit you come stop by mine. Jackie



    Look some of us have high quality content blogs with high page ranks and high traffic and we have been blogging here for years. Our blog posts are not found on Freshly Pressed or here either but you don’t see us complaining here on the forum or anywhere else either.

    Maybe we don’t care because we find no value in our blogs to experiencing a one day spike in stats that creates a high bounce rate caused by one click wonders who skew our stats and don’t return to become regular readers and subscribers. ;)



    They told me at one point that I was basically banned from Top Blog of the Day, which is what we used to have. So since then I haven’t worried too much about it. Anybody who doesn’t think my coverage of the earthquakes and tsunamis rocked is someone I can safely ignore.


    1) I think that a Freshly Pressed badge is a great idea – a way to say “Hey! Someone liked this content so much that they put it on the front page for hundreds of thousands of people to see!”

    2) I am of mixed feelings about Freshly Pressed. I have only been blogging here for a week and have not been featured. I get anywhere between 30-80 hits per day, and I like it that way – it shows me that I have a group of loyal (so far) readers who actually enjoy what I post, and who are more likely to return and even suggest my blog to others.

    On the other hand, Freshly Pressed seems like a great way to get your blog and your work “out there,” which so many of us newbie bloggers are so desperately trying to do.


    Rule number one of “not bad” stuff could take a number of different interpretations…for example would a show like tosh.0 be considered bad? Its kind of mean sometimes but its all in good humor. I have sort of a edgy concept I’m working with but I think its generally funny and helpful…just curious. Thx



    It is all in the eye of the editor of Freshly Pressed. She picks the “best” blog posts out of 30 million or so a day. So when I read “I’ve been blogging here a month and haven’t gotten on Freshly Pressed yet” I just laugh bitterly to myself. Don’t hold your breath.

    Getting featured on Reddit, Digg, Fark, BoingBoing or Metafilter is easier (I’ve never been on Freshly Pressed, but I’ve been on the front pages of all of those except Fark).



    So when I read “I’ve been blogging here a month and haven’t gotten on Freshly Pressed yet” I just laugh bitterly to myself. Don’t hold your breath.

    As I have been here nearly 5 years I laugh too but without any bitterness. My blogs don’t need a tsunami of one hit wonders that create a high bounce rate. lol :D



    Hey, you generally keep ten percent of the drive-bys if you have fresh, interesting content. I see it time and time again. Going viral repeatedly has helped me double my hits in less than a year.



    Postaday: why would you create a Freshly Pressed badge when you were never featured before?

    I was recently featured in EcoPressed. The link moves around as each day changes the order of my featured post. But my profile is here:

    Did it bring a ton of traffic? Only a modest amount, I think. I’m not sure. Anyway, I think people get to my blogs from google search words over 50% of the time. So make sure, your main topics include keywords that logically relate to the topic you are writing about.

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