Freshly Pressed – Has It Moved?

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    Freshly Pressed Blogs were easily accessible as an images of squares … i can no longer find this as from the last 2 days? I keep getting to a list of them ( in the same format of reader) but they are all old – I’m sure i’m missing some. Please advise as i loved the variety i accessed and now they all seem to be of ‘books’ and nothing else!

    The blog I need help with is



    And additional they are not localized anymore.!/read/fresh/ should give me German blog posts, but hey are all English …

    best regards


    Hi Torsten
    Thanks that’s the page i keep getting to – but the latest is a day old which is unusual. Why change a good thing? it was so easy before! Sure we’re missing some …
    Best Wishes


    Yay it’s back! Thank you WP!


    Christmas comes early! Thank you WordPress, for bringing back Freshly Pressed in the format we know and love.



    Still not localized! :(



    The problem has been resolved now. In the mean time we are working on improving features and localization. Thank you for your patience.

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