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freshly pressed is ignoring me

  1. @hnsaifi
    Don't dis pigs brains and gravy, I lived on them as a baby, after my nana had chewed them for me, and that's the truth.... x

  2. If they ever remake "Dumb and Dumber" I think I know someone who could play all the parts.

  3. Hahahahaha!

  4. I've never ever tasted pig. You know it's forbidden in our religion. I don't know how people can eat such an ugly animal.

  5. Oh noooo, I dread to think where this thread might be heading . . . . I see someone dawdling near the train tracks with a big train coming down the line . . .

    But, anxiously keeping to the topic about FP ignoring all the "me's" here, wasn't it lovely to see Matt Not on WordPress FP'd this morning! His FP post didn't look the same without a knife and fork though.

  6. michaelcargill

    What if it is a really good looking pig? I would have trouble deciding between eating it and sleeping with it.

    Yum yum, porky chops in bed.

  7. I like your style.

  8. I don't know how anyone can NOT eat pork/ham/bacon! I only eat it outside the home now, so as not to bring any into the home out of respect for my family, but such an injustice to have banned it. I believe Jews can't eat prawns either - luckily Islam didn't follow that one as far as I know!

  9. I "Triple Dog Dare" (Breaking a slight breech of protocol) the WordPress crew to Freshly Press my blog entries.

    And of course the WordPress reply will be, "You'll shoot your eye out kid!"

  10. Eat such an ugly animal? Yeah because Cows and Chickens are real lookers.

  11. Ever seen a Tofurkey in the wild? Horrifying beasts.

  12. BTW this thread was not about foods and animals. If you want to discuss this new topic then create a new thread calling 'Raini's beasts' or 'Teamo's porridge' :)

  13. You don't make porridge out of pigs!!!

    They're too fatty.

  14. I don't eat pigs (ehhhh) nor porridge. Nor I am a good cook to make porridge out of pigs. In fact I once(or twice only) saw a pig. And that was in the zoo:).
    "Sooran ny yaar bharley."
    A funny quote from our language (Pahari)
    Pigs have the only friend name hog :D

  15. It's called the off topic forum, deal with it yo.

  16. Actually, Raincoaster, "porridge" is not always about oats, as I discovered. My family call a yam dish porridge.

    But they also like the oats version for breakfast.

  17. readytochangenow

    Actually hogs are different from pigs:

    Pig porridge doesn't sound very good unless there is porridge with bacon on the side.

    mmmm...bacon, crispy bacon - the only thing standing between me and vegetarianism.

  18. Actually hogs are different from pigs:

    Yeah I knew it. Acually that quote was from our language and i didn't translate it well
    Here is the better one.
    "Hogs are the only friend of pigs"

    Explanation: The friend of a wicked person is also a wicked.

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