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    I was wondering. how is it determined what blogs are featured on the “Freshly Pressed Page”?
    I have been blogging on WordPress for 2 years and not once have I ever had a blog to be featured on it. Oh and another question, why isn’t voice blogs posted on it? Is it only for written blogs only?
    As a voice blogger, I spend alot of time and effort creating my blogs, songs and different blogs of that nature. I feel that as a voice blogger, we should all get the same opportunities as other bloggers to be on the featured page!
    Thanks AlabamieMamie



    The selections are made by a single editor and everyone else’s posts (over 31 million) are all competing for her attention.
    Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed

    Also note that having a post “freshly pressed” results in a tidal wave of traffic that bounces in and out on the same link thereby skewing your stats. The number of those who actually click further into the blog and who subscribe to follow is very small.

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