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Freshly Pressed Person! DONNA SUMMER R.I.P.

  1. whoever is in charge of Freshly Pressed, you need to get Donna Summer up there.
    you guys had the Beastie Boy dude up the same day it was announced that he died... show some love to a QUEEN and pick a blog that talked about her today.
    i know i did, but it's not about me... she's a legend and deserves to be on the front page!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, a good start would be:

    Refresh it. Latest posts are on top.

  3. Freshly Pressed isn't a news organization.

  4. Strangely enough, some of us do no go into a swift decline when a 'celebrity' dies.

  5. @d1esel6

    I'll move this thread to the Off Topic Forum because it is not a support for issue. Most of the forums here on the site are for technical information about using our software.

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  6. Strangely enough, some of us do no go into a swift decline when a 'celebrity' dies.

    It's not as if they aren't all over the mainstream news. What on eath could any blogger who has never met these celebs have to tell me that wouldn't be second-hand information ie. hearsay or worse?

  7. It'd be nice if all people who died were remembered in the same way as 'celebrities' but they aren't. And if they were, there'd only be posts about people dying. :( The major good thing about Freshly Pressed, is it's more towards happiness than sadness. People do tend to need an 'up' rather than a 'down'.

    For her generation (about one after mine) Donna Summer was great. And as Timethief says, there's plenty already in the mainstream news. I'm sure her family and close friends will mourn her loss, but I didn't know her as a person and her music wasn't quite in my generation so I don't feel it as much as you do, d1esel. Sorry.

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