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Freshly Pressed Posts

  1. Which post of yours get freshly pressed? Mine will be soon on 2021 :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. One of my photography post got freshly pressed last year.

    The Blooming, Blossoming Beauties

  3. thefoodandwinehedonist

    There's a lot of great content out there, but it seems FP selection is skewed towards photographers or if you have have some kind of top 5 or top 10 list.

  4. I'll probably never get Freshly Pressed. But I can always hope, I guess.

  5. If you want to get Freshly Pressed, and don't want to wait for the editors to notice you, try this:

  6. That post is AWESOME! And will never be Freshly Pressed.

  7. That was great Robrubin :)

  8. I liked everything in the post especially the picture of freshly pressing your pant with iron :)
    But mentioning a post that you thought to should not be in the FP was not a good idea.
    I'm telling you I for the first time read a whole article :)
    Rainsoater was right. too:0

  9. @hnsaifi - As I said in the post, I meant no disrespect to the author, and for what it's worth, people click on the link in that post everyday, so he's getting a small, but steady stream of traffic. It was more a knock on the selection process than the post itself. After all, I am a satrist.

  10. And BTW, the iron was unplugged in case you were wondering.

  11. thefoodandwinehedonist

    Rob - I don't think you needed to apologize, but it does kind of point to the selection process. It seems that the FP's are all unicorns and rainbows, that anything that has a whisper of being offensive or anything with biting humor won't be picked. Satirists occasionally get picked, though, so good luck.

    I, on the other hand, have a habit of dropping f-bombs and other associated colorful language. And I offend...

  12. thefoodandwinehedonist

  13. Not the same, but I got EcoPressed last year --actually twice. First time during the first month they launched it. Then later on another blog post with less prominence.

  14. @thefoodandwinehedonist I suspect a satirist has been FP'd with this pot of yoghurt! This Byron City site is way too funny to be true, isn't it? Some one is having a right old laugh with this one. I know I am!

  15. What's this EcoPress?

  16. Yoghurts! Well, I never. I shall be looking at my local Co Op with new eyes tomorrow.
    Garn! Banal in the extreme.

  17. I'm taking my hat off to FP this week for FP'ing the yoghurt pot in the supermarkets of Byron City which has to be one of the best spoof spots ever! Byron City is taking the bandwagon of commenters for a real ride!

  18. My post Resisting the Urge got FP'd back in December. At the end of the story I cut my own head off with a fork. Self-mutilation and yogurt are always good post ideas, evidently :D

  19. Duh! I didn't realise it was a spoof.

  20. Re Sausage Fest. Lol. Mini sausage hammocks & baseball caps. :D

  21. I was FP a year ago and still don't know why. I was a newish blogger at the time. I wish I knew what it was about my post that appealed to the powers-that-be, but I will say that the particular post is still my most visited, even a year later. I guess it just has staying power.

    I will also say that while I had a huge jump in visitors (mine was featured on the Friday of a 3-day weekend and not taken down until the following Tuesday morning), I still have to work to get visitors.

    Sometimes, there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to what pushes my views up. For example, I had a day with 46 hits last week. The days preceding were in the 13-21 range. Increase in numbers don't necessarily come after posting something new or commenting on other blogs or the support forums. I think there are too many variables to narrow it down (especially when referring links come from google images).

    Just keep writing. While I felt honored to be featured, it's the daily work and personal interaction that people take time to share that is so fulfilling about blogging.

    Good luck!

  22. While trying to get what editors note to get a post to FP I came to know these points:
    1 Title of the post.
    This is the most important point. If you post a great stuff but its title is not satisfactory, 50% of chances to FP are reduced. But If the title is stunning and eye-catching there are chances to get FP even if the content is averaged.
    2 Wonderful photographs
    60 to 70% of FP posts are those having great photographs i-e pure and clean and taken from good quality camera.
    3 Event posts
    The posts which are based on special events are more likely to get FP.
    4 Well written
    A well written post which is broken into short paragraphs, good use of humor, correct grammar and good use of tags and having well-mannered language. Editors sometime note the hard work in the post.
    Still there are many other factors besides these and this is based on my opinion only.
    And my suggestion is to post your first thought. Don't edit a post unless it contains writing errors. What about using colorful and different sized fonts?

  23. I would slightly disagree about the @isadz's #1 point above. I have seen many FP posts with boring titles. For example, at Christmas time, I saw an FP post with the title Tis The Season. Now, do you know how many other posts had that same title? Hundreds. A clever title certainly WON'T hurt your chances, but I don't always think it makes the difference.

    And well written? I've seen countless posts up there with spelling and gramatical issues.

    I think they just do a quick glossover to make sure there is no hardcore porn in there and that's it.

  24. Hahaha Robrubrin lol
    Do you have some suggestions then? Except 'I'm pressing myself'.

  25. 5 You can get your post to freshly pressed if Matt is your friend :)

  26. My suggestion is to write what you want to write and not worry about getting FP'ed. If you write plain vanilla stuff then maybe you can worry about it more because it's probably your best path to exposure. But the best bloggers out there take proactive approaches to promotion.

    Take The Bloggess for example. Now, she's not on but if she were, due to her writing style would have virtually no shot of getting FP'ed and she is one of the most iconic bloggers around. Why? Because her writing is extremely original and highly memorable.

    Most of the stuff up on FP is so forgettable that by the time it comes off nobody remembers it. Take the post I cited in my FP spoof article. Again, no offense to the author, but do you think anybody remembers that post? Are people retweeting it in droves? I dare say if it wasn't for my story, that post wouldn't get any more hits.

    I'm sorry if I come across cynical, but I think people just need to write what's in their heart and let the chips fall where they may.

  27. What if wordpress ask you to spend $10 to get your post freshly pressed? How many of you would spend?

  28. Probably thousands and then there would be no point because they wouldn't be able to honor all of those requests.

  29. I'd spend nothing. Paying someone to choose you isn't the same as being chosen.

    It's nice to be FP'd but at the end of it all, it's not what I started blogging for. The community here is amazing; I'd choose a small amount of dedicated followers over a huge amount of disinterested followers who clicked 'Follow' on a whim, anyday.

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