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Freshly Pressed Posts

  1. Well, my own opinion is that the editors pick it depending on their mood. One editor felt like eating yogurt and so a post about yogurt is up on FP. Another factor that I think affects FP is the time of posting. They say that FP is chosen from tags but posts don't stay on a certain tag page forever. The editors have a certain time of picking FP. People who get FP are not only good but also are extremely lucky to post at the time the editors chose FP. That is my opinion anyway. What do you guys think?

  2. Time of day has nothing to do with it. There are many posts that get picked that are days or even weeks old. I do agree though that a lot depends on their mood most likely. Theres been more posts up there recently with bad words so maybe theyve been pissed off about something lately.

  3. Agreed. And thanks for mentioning the fact that time doesn't matter. Now I don't have to keep thinking about that small detail again. Thanks.

  4. FP has become a bit of a joke now to be blunt. You get the feeling they rush out and pick almost at random.

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