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    I had set the home button to link to another website, and it worked. Now for some reason that link is broken and I don’t remember how I did it, Any help would be great.

    The blog I need help with is



    “Home” is a link back to the blog front. If you make it link to another cite, you deceive your visitors. To link to that website you need to to create a separate button, using a custom link in a custom top menu. See here:


    Well I built another site thats not WP but has a link button to the WP blog. I had it running before.



    I didn’t say it’s impossible to do, I said you mustn’t label it Home. You can create buttons that link to wherever you like, but a visitor must understand where they link to, and the Home button is supposed to link to the front page of the same site, not to a different site. So, as I said, you need to create a custom menu with a regular Home button and a second button for the other link.


    I think I know what your saying. Here is the site. click on blog and you will see where it goes. Then try clicking home.



    They both work as expected.
    When a visitor of the blog clicks to read a recent post or a recent comment, the Home button of the blog is supposed to link back to the front page of the blog. You need to retain that, and add a back-to-website button next to Home.

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