Freshy theme and the menu!

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    I am using Freshy and wanted to know how am I supposed to edit the menu/page navigation on the top of my blog?



    Not sure what you mean by “edit” the naviagtion but you can add in Pages at Dashboard -> Write -> Pages and links to them will show up in that bar. That’s what it’s there for.



    oh.. thanks man! but is there no way of putting custom links?


    It’s hard to determine what do you mean by “custom links” and exactly where you want to place them. You cannot edit the links in the blue colored navigation bar, if that’s what you are asking.



    The tabs at the top of the page are coded into your theme and the only way to change them is to change the name of the page. Home for instance, is ALWAYS going to be called HOME. You’re stuck with that. But if you wanted to change ABOUT to My BIO you could just delete ABOUT and make a new MY BIO page.

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