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Freshy Theme is Not Displaying Correctly

  1. I'm currently using the "freshy" theme and it is not displaying correctly. I have viewed my blog from multiple browsers, but the same problem occurs on each. Please can you let me know if anything has happened to the theme.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same here...what's up?

  3. hujanawalfebruari

    Me too. Please someone help us.

  4. Me too.
    Any thoughts? I tried the possible fixes suggested on wp help site (to see if code issue caused sidebar/widget to relocate to bottom of screen). Couldn't see any errant code bits.
    There are other format changes, too (not centred, wrong background colour...).
    Any help will be most welcome. Thanks!

  5. WP is changing something, and they've messed things up in several themes. You can't fix anything yourselves, you can only wait for WP to take heed and fix things.

  6. Yes, it seems that way. Maybe WP can tell users of this theme that they are on the case, and perhaps offer a timeline for return-to-normal. So, I sent a note asking if there was any solution on the horizon. Hopefully, we will hear good news, soon.

  7. My theme is also looking

    funny what is happening?

  8. Read @justpi's note, above.

  9. Same here

  10. Any news from WordPress about this issue?

  11. Just adding our voice to the other affected parties. Will appreciate any feedback. Thanks

  12. termodinamicaindustrial

    same here

  13. professionalheckler

    my blog too is a mess now.
    how do we remedy this problem?

  14. Same here: Hope they fix it soon!

  15. The main problem has now been sorted on my Bueno blog (ie. the search bars, header links, footer widgets etc. put back in their rightful place) but since then, the font-size and line-spacing has become all bunched up: see for an example.

    Any thoughts?

  16. The issue has been resolved. I'm closing this thread. Thanks.

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