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  1. I have been using the Freshy theme for a little while now and like it cause of the clean lines and color scheme. My question; is there a way to have the hyperlinks I add to a post be a different color?
    Whenever I write a post and add a hyperlink to another page with added info or an audio download, the links, when the post is viewed are light gray and underlined. I can see them and know its a clickable link just fine but my readers seem to miss them for some reason.
    Not sure if it's lack of wanting to click them or if the coloring makes it unknown as an actual link to the reader but I'm trying to dummy proof my posts and get more clicks.
    I don't want to just stop adding hyperlinks cause I feel they add to my blog's content but if the readers aren't seeing them due to the coloring is there a way to change that without getting too technical with CSS.
    Would a theme change make them more noticeable or does any theme's hyperlinks default to light gray without CSS manipulation being involved?

  2. The appearance of links varies from theme to theme.

    Without CSS, you can change their color via html; see here:

  3. The appearance of links varies from theme to theme.

    Without CSS, you can change their color via html; see here:

  4. I was afraid of that. Thanks for the info though and good to hear from you again. Since I'm still kind of new to HTML, although I have a general knowledge of what goes where, what would be the hex # for the green in the Freshy theme. Then I guess the next questions would be: I enter this script in the HTML writer correct? If so where exactly do I place it? Before the link, after the link or do I put the link inside the scripting?

  5. Why worry about html when you can do the same thing with visual editor. Try coloring your link (even underline it) using visual editor's icons.

  6. The exact order of the info is in that link above. As for finding the hex code, if you google CSS colors, you'll find a chart with all of the codes in them.

  7. Good point, arifsali

  8. @squarerootz: Here's some info on hex numbers:

    @arifsali & vivianpaige: Sorry, not a good point - doesn't work that way.

  9. Why not? (Not that I've tried it, mind you.)

  10. There is a tiny glitch to it but it works fine. See here:

  11. Yeah, I tried it on my test blog, too and it worked

  12. @vivianpaige: Because the color attribute needs to be before the title of the link, while if you highlight the link in the visual editor it gets before the whole link code.

    @arifsali: So how did you overcome this "tiny glitch"?

  13. Update! I said I can't be THAT stupid... so I tried more thoroughly. Seems it's browser AND computer dependent: on my Mac it doesn't work in Firefox (that's the one I'm using most of the time) but it does in Safari. What about you?

  14. Well, I'm a PC :) and as long as I colored it before I linked it, it worked (which is what I show on my test blog) and it works in FF (and IE).

  15. @vivianpaige, thank you, that's exactly how I was thinking it works but personally I have always made it work by bringing color codes inside the link codes. As long as is the first and last attribute, you can have color, underline, bold everything show up fine. Alternately as you mentioned, if you color it first and then link, it works fine, but not the other way around.

  16. Ok, so from what I have read on the other links and the discussion here, the simple and less CSS method would be to just highlight and color the word before creating the hyperlink, correct? I'm using a PC and Firefox.

  17. Yes, that's it.

  18. @vivianpaige & arifsali: Therefore I AM that stupid! I was stuck to the idea of changing the color of a LINK. Of course it works the way you say...

  19. Thanks again to all. Sooner or later I will get this down to a science and be able to contribute more here in the forums rather than be a question asker.

  20. Thanks for this tip. The links on my blog with MistyLook is fine but in comments they are not underlined and they are so light it's hard to see. So I tried this method and works fine in comments too.

  21. @panaghiotisadam - no, you're not stupid. You just learned something ;)

  22. Vivian, where I come from this is called "gilding the pill" - and in this case it's a suppository...

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